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Monday, July 7, 2008

Brayden's 1 year wellness visit

Brayden James had his one year wellness visit the day after his actual birthday. I am now getting around to posting his measurements and our checklist. Brayden got an A+ from Dr. Katz. Dr. Katz said Brayden is where a 15 month old normally is developmentally. Way to go big boy!

Brayden James is one today!

So here is the checklist:

  • Your toddler will become increasingly independent over the next few months; exploration of a safe environment is key to toddler development. Playpens should be used as a safety island only when you cannot be immediately present.
  • Your child's appetite will probably decrease during the second year/ encourage foods from all food groups, foods high in iron and nutritious snacks.
  • You may give your child whole mil, 10-24oz//day, if you child will take that much.
  • Encourage toddler to use a spoon.
  • If your baby is not already on PolyViSol or Vidaylin 1ml. daily, start now.
  • Learn Heimlick Maneuver for choking.
  • Develop routine of brushing teeth 2 time/day with soft brush.
  • Encourage good behavior through positive reinforcement.
  • Limit the number of rules to essentials for safety and family functioning and enforce them consistently.
  • Discontinue pacifier/bottle
The majority of these are in the bag. We will start the vitamin this week and I guess I need to learn the Heimlick. The only one that will be on my to do list is the bottle....he takes one at night. It's only a matter of time.

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Amanda said...

what a precious blog! your kids are absolutely adorable!! yay! a new blog to creep around on! :)