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Sunday, July 6, 2008

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream!

What a super yummy way to stay cool in the warm summer weather. Scott, Brayden and I started out having dinner at Pei Wei. Brayden ate his very own kids meal. He ate practically the whole thing. We were worried at first b/c he started shaking his head 'no' and saying 'no.' Once he got a taste of the mouth watering Mongolian chicken (thanks to dada's trickeries) he didn't stop eating. That was my meal. He liked his honey seared chicken and lo mein just the same. We were proud. I say it often, but I left my camera at home. So I started taking pictures once in the Nestle's Ice Cream Shop. Pictures are courtesy of my very beloved i-phone (it saved the day, as it often does). The ice-cream shop is where the fun began!

waiting in line for ice-cream

couldn't wait to get to the park
more ice-cream for Brayden James

some for Dada too

He can feed himself some of this good stuff.

Phew! The spoon business is tricky.

He wants more.
I couldn't say no to this adorable face.

uh, even more ice-cream...
He was an ice-cream eating little monster!

Mommy's boy...after ALL that ice-cream

Dada leads the way to play

Aah! This one melts my heart.

Are we there yet?

Final destination, the TRAIN!

All Aboard! Finally on the choo-choo train!

And off we go!

Look closely at the picture below. As fate would have it, Scott and I stepped in the heart at the very same time. He didn't even realize it. My own heart did a little flip-flop. I am sure someone scratched this heart into the earth. However, I still think of it as a little sign whispering "it was meant to be." I know, sounds silly but, I don't care. If something this simple can have such an impact...THAT says a lot. What a great way to end our ice-cream adventure!

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