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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Aloha!...Fun, Sun Memories!

Nealy's birthday party was wild and crazy! I am SO happy I teach kindergarten and only have ONE 10 year old. Phew! Yesterday took a lot out of me. We started early. We picked up the cake and balloons. We had a lot to transport to the clubhouse. I don't know what I would have done without my mom to look after big boy Brayden. I was beyond tired last night and was happy to end the night with a movie.

Seriously, the kids were all good and super cute. Everyone had a good time! Nealy felt special and was happy to celebrate her BIG 10 with her good friends. The luau theme was precious. The boys wore sun hats. The girls wore Hibiscus hair barrettes. Everyone wore a lei and a SMILE. We rented a room in our neighborhood club house and it was perfect for the occasion. The kids swam for 2 hours and then the last hour, they came in for pizza, cake and ice-cream.

The crew minus two friends who arrived
a tad bit late
The poor palm tree.
Thank goodness the drinks weren't in there yet.
I had to get one with her baby brother.

Mommy's little girl is growing up!
The "cake table."

My center pieces.
Yes, the pineapple is real.
The Birthday cake.
Like Brayden's, half was vanilla
and the other half chocolate.

Okay, I promise the kids were playing at the water
park. I guess I was just too far away.
Nothing like good girlfriends
water splashin' fun

I am happy my honey went in and played.
The boys can play wild.
I have so much to look forward to.
The rules kept changing :-)
Mr. Nice Guy

My little sun-kissed cutie

I just can't get enough.
Daddy and Brayden James
And he's going for the locks.
Thank you Nana for getting him
out of his wet swim clothes.
Much better. Brayden loves
his Nana!
Peace out!

Happily waiting for the pizza to arrive.

Still waiting...but, staying occupied on
Seriously,..is the pizza coming?

They ate the pizza SO fast...
Here SHE is blowing out the ten candles.

Nealy ended up with 150 to Target!
She made out like a bandit.

Cousin Carson came by too!
This is such a cute picture.
Aren't adults suppose to
be taller than kids?
Nealy and Taylor...how cute are you?The Birthday Girl

Thank you to all Nealy's friends for making her 10th birthday party so special and such a riot!!! It was SO much fun!!!! What BRAVE mom will take you all on next? :-)


A little bit about us... said...

Wow it looks like you guys had a BLAST! Nealy looks like such a young woman - it's crazy but she's going to be a teenager before we know it!

snether said...

What a beautiful girl! I miss Nealy and can't wait to see her. Looks like a total blast!