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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Brayden James is ONE today!

Happy 1st Birthday to Our Darling Son!

Well, the day is here and it's now! Brayden James is ONE! We can't believe it has been a whole year since we experienced such joy welcoming our son into the world. He has been and still is such a tremendous blessing.
June 26, 2007
weight ~ 6 lbs. 11 oz.
height ~18 3/4 inches
June 26, 2008
Weight ~ 21 lbs.
height ~ 29 1/4 inches
How did Brayden James spend his birthday day? Mommy and Daddy greeted him when he first woke up and sang Happy Birthday Day! He was all smiles and wasn't quite sure why we were both there being so silly. BUT, he liked it and even started acting very silly.

We did some last minute Birthday shopping and he was in tow! We had a quick...actually LONG lunch at Chick-fil-A. I have never seen Brayden eat SO much. He had chicken, peas, fries, and Goldfish. My! I guess this is the day...his 1st BIRTHDAY. Way to go big boy!
Big Boy...and BTW notice the bib?
"My Mommy Rocks!"
Brayden received MANY text messages, phone calls, and birthday cards wishing him a happy 1st birthday! Any other day it would have been just an ordinary day for The Englands...BUT, knowing it was Brayden James' 1st Birthday was VERY exciting. It made the day not just special but, super special!!!

A year ago today so many things happened other than welcoming our 6lb 11oz wonder.
1. Nealy was a BIG SISTER!
2. Brayden was a BABY BROTHER!
3. Grand Dad (Scott's dad) received a speeding ticket on the way to the hospital.
4. Popo and Nana were very late not expecting him to arrive until lunch not at 9:26am.
5. Nealy was forgotten for a little bit due to the speediness of my labor.
6. Nealy was able to be center of attention in the waiting room (I was told). She was telling the story of how everything "went down."
7. A red half eaten Popsicle melted because it was taken away once I started pushing.
8. We didn't sleep a wink due to the nurses bringing Brayden to me every 21/2 hours to nurse.
9. Scott and Nealy had bonding time every every day (on the days I was at the hospital) because she was spending the night with Aunt Pia. Scott would pick her up in the early morning and take her back in the late evening.
10. The England Family was in for a FABULOUS ADVENTURE ahead!

Thank you God for blessing us so.


We have cherished every day with you in our lives. We love you unconditionally. We couldn't imagine a more perfect little boy. The sound of your giggles to sound of your wails...bring joy to us. Thank you for being the baby boy that you are. Happy First Birthday sweet boy. The adventure continues...

With SO SO SO much love,
Dada, Mommy, and Nealy

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