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Sunday, June 29, 2008


OH MY GOSH! Brayden James' 1st Birthday was absolutely a wonderful time. My main goal as mommy was for him to have fun and not get overwhelmed or over stimulated. I know he won't remember his first birthday but, he will have pictures, video, and a slide show to look at later down the rode. I want him to think, "Wow! It looks like I am having fun!" Let me tell you, this little boy had a hour and forty five minute nap right before the celebration began and had a good lunch. Yessss! Brayden James had SO much fun and that is all I wanted for this day. Scott kept telling me I needed to relax because I will admit, I was a little stressed wanting everything to be perfect etc. However, it DID turn out perfect!! Everyone had a great time. All the kids were so cute, conversation great, the big blow-up palm tree for drinks cool, and the cake...... SUPER CUTE and DELICIOUS!!!! We had a great turn out and the slide show we put together (Scott has a Play Station 3 Blu-Ray) for the guests to view on the T.V. during the party was a huge hit. All the pictures were of Brayden and some with family and friends. It's a glance of his very first year from birth (pictures in the hospital) to pictures taken just a couple of days ago. Lots of work yes! BUT, it was well worth it!

So to give you a little history in regard to preparation:

We had a personalized banner made
big kids' party favor
babies' party favor

Decor...I know, oh brother!

even some flowers for the backyard
We missed cousins Aiden, Aarron, and Baby Tristan. Mommy and Daddy had obligations and we totally understand. We can't wait to see them all on the 4th! I will definitely snap some of my adorable nephews and post them.

Here are a few pictures of the party. I really wanted to take in all of Brayden's excitement, so I didn't do a great job of taking pictures. So if any of you,... Miss Catherine....have any good ones please send them my way!:-) I sure would be thankful!

Cousin Carson and Brayden James...more like brothers

Uncle Gary, and LeAnn, and Cousin Carson

My bestfriend Mandy...since 7th grade

Remember Kayleigh? So cute with Mathew and Arianna

Just getting started

Spiderman...spiderman...Chris, too much. THANK YOU!

Brayden showed no interest in opening gifts

My big boy just wanted to play :-)

Awe...Sweet Makayla you are so pretty

Makayla and the green bow

Thank you Nana and Popo!

The "Cake Table"
the confetti was everywhere...


Big Sis and Lil' Bro

Look who's ready for Cake

The family

AND he's gone!! He was so cute riding this around the kitchen. He learned to ride it all by himself. Daddy had to recharge the battery. Brayden LOVES it! Thank you to the Jones!
Brayden received so many cool presents....Thank you to everyone! We really are happy to have shared this special time with loved ones. ...about the pictures, I know I said a few. I just couldn't resist. My baby boy IS ONE!!!!

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