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Friday, July 4, 2008

Our 10 year old firecracker....Nealy!

Happy 10th Birthday Nealy!

Nealy Mckay is TEN today! She has the perfect birthday...the fourth of July! She is most definitely a firework that sparkles brighter than the rest and flies higher than the rest. She is very smart, beautiful, and lovable. She has grown from a sweet precious little baby to a spunky courageous toddler, to a vivacious (with diva like qualities) little girl. She has truly blossomed and matured. I can't express the love we have for her. Nealy is a unique little girl. I don't say it to brag, okay, I do. Honestly, we don't go anywhere that someone doesn't comment on how beautiful she is. She IS beautiful. Inside and out. She exudes confidence and happiness. We couldn't be more proud.

As her mother I cannot begin to give you an insight as to how close we are. Over ten years ago while she was in the womb, before I even knew she was a SHE, I prayed for a little girl. God answered my prayers and delivered the cutest and sweet baby girl ever. I am so blessed. There is nothing like a mini-me to bring out the best in me. Nealy and I share so many of the same qualities such as being stubborn, hard-headed, strong willed, spoiled (just a little), high maintenance, and did I say stubborn? Okay, so you get the idea. The point I am trying to make is: What better way is there to know your child? I share some of the not so great qualities and I am the perfect person to bring out the best ones in her. She doesn't need much help...but, she does need guidance. This leads me to tell you, although we have our preteen battles almost daily. I LOVE her. WE LOVE her UNCONDITIONALLY.


Happy 10 Birthday! We are so proud of you. You have grown to be such a young lady. Thank you for being Scott and mommy's little helper and Brayden's best playmate. Remember always try your very best and ATTITUDE is EVERYTHING. ALL the fireworks ARE for you!
Love, Scott, Mommy, and Brayden

Nealy's birthday party with her friends is next Friday. It's a luau!!!! It is going to be a blast. I will make sure to post pictures!

Here are some of her I forced her to take. She is so funny. We had fun. The last one reflects her frustration. The sun was hurting her eyes....so she claimed. So cute...

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Kayleigh said...

Awww, happy birthday Nealy! It sounds like your party is going to be a blast!