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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Our Graduate….Pre K 2013

This school year has passed in a blink of an eye.  It has been a different kind of year for our family…or should I say me?  I have been busy, yet I can’t really tell you what I have “taken on” that’s new.  Nothing really.  I have been a busy bee working and focusing on career oriented goals.  I made it a big…HUGE goal to spend more quality time – enjoying the days…moments, with my family.  I have gained appreciation, (true value) of what each member offers to my sweet family of four.  So, there you have it, in a nutshell.  Thus, my lack of blogging this school year.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to express and document the happenings.  I’ll do more of it this summer, on my free time. SO……………………


we have a pre-k graduate, class of 2013!  We are all so proud!  He has certainly had a year of learning, developing, growing, and maturing.   Graduation was in May and as my momma was in the hospital (happy to report, she is out and doing so well), It was busy and maybe a little trying…this month of May.  Not to mention, the end OUR school year coming to an end.  The England’s survived and most excitedly celebrated the youngest member’s special milestone…  GRADUATION!

Graduation IMG_9871

There’s a little diamond shape frame around B! Ha!

            Graduation IMG_9876  Graduation IMG_9894

End of Year book made by B and a Best Buddy shot with Abram

Graduation IMG_9866



As the little ones crossed the stage to get their diploma, a few slides projected, including photos of each child. SO Sweet!.. I guess I got the group shots..sorry folks, enjoying the moment;)

Graduation IMG_9896

The Grandparents…my dad was with my momma and I know they were thinking of B, just as we were thinking of them.

Graduation IMG_9874

LOVE this!

Graduation IMG_9901

Sweet Pia!  She looks GREAT, and she had been spending nights in the hospital with mom.

  Graduation IMG_9889 Graduation IMG_9879

Cherish & love our little guy with all our hearts!

Graduation IMG_9877

Winding it up with a cupcake!  Congrats B!…with hugs, kisses, and neck snuggles…Mommy


Our Little Bubble said...

Welcome back :) Looking forward to catching up with your cute family this summer on the blog. Your son is getting so big! Such a beautiful family!!

Priscilla said...

Sweet B! It was so exciting watching you graduate! I know you will do an amazing job in kindergarten! I love you! Love, aunt Pia!