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Saturday, June 29, 2013

A LegoLand Birthday!

On Brayden’s true birthday, June 26th a special delivery arrived for him…..custom MindCraft Legos!!

   birthday a birthday b

bithday c


He had such a fun-wonderful 6th birthday party!    Check out his little invite!

LEGO Birthday Invite Front copy

LEGO Birthday Invite Back copy

LegoLand was a blast.  We started off with build our very own Lego creation (a spin top), and then we ate pizza, had birthday cake, took a tour to learn how Legos are made.   We also free-played on multilevel play structures, rode rides and looked at many Lego exhibits.  It was so great!  I know our six year old had a grand time as did all his friends and family.

birthday d

collage 1

                 birthday f birthday i

collage 2

birthday e   

birthday k

               birthday h birthday m

birthday j

birthday n

I know we will certainly be back to LegoLand before long.  There is SOOOOOOOOOOO much to do and so much to see and experience.  LOVED it.


My booga boo, happy birthday to the sweetest-most lovable boy in town!  I love that you call me, “love” and consider my feelings.  You have taught me to embrace differences, and seek truth in times of uncertainty.  You are and will forever be MY “love.”  Mommy is so proud of the young boy you have become.  Love you always, Mommee!

birthday l

                birthday na birthday o

picture p

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Priscilla said...

Awe, B looks like he had a blast! So happy this sweet little boy had a great birthday! I love you Brayden!!