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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Simply Summer Three

Library 128

This summer Brayden and I went to the library together.  Halfway through the summer we realized there was a little reading program to participate in.  Yay!  This was a great motivation to read every night.  Brayden loved to pick colors for his stars.  He would want me to color them in.  For a while (3/4 of the first log) he remembered every title of the books (in order) we had read.  It was super cute.  As time went on, he lost track but, nonetheless, it continued to motivate him.  I consider this a great opportunity to further bond and share a “little something” special….just he and I.

  Library 130

Library 129

So, when it’s 100+ degrees outside, I tend to have brain lapses.  High temperatures suck the energy right out of me too.  Not thinking quickly enough, I managed to take my camera out of my bag and (no time to focus) took this pic:

Library 133

LOVE how brave he was to walk up, turn in his reading logs all by himself.  He said, “I’m done reading!”

Library 135

He had a total of 43 stars!  This Tough Wheels was 100 stars.  Ha!  After the young boy explained how many stars earned what prizes.  Brayden immediately points to the top of the prize pyramid and says, “I would like the truck please.”….Oh no!  I jumped in ready to explain again, but was cut off by the kind boy who said, “Sure, why not?  looks like you did a lot of reading and since you are only 5, I will give it to you!”  So SWEET!

This face says it all!

Library 136

a few minutes of play

                  Library 138 Library 139

…and time to check out more books!

Library 140

What a fun memory.  It was definitely a great simply summer activity!

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