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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

He’s FIVE!


The Birthday Boy Sized

This year, I decided to have a baking birthday party as he likes to help in the kitchen, LOVES pizza, and it was a something hands-on all the kids could enjoy!  Here is the little invite:  

  5th Birthday Party Front copy  5th Birthday Party Back copy

party goodies!

collage 2

 party 2012 034  party 2012 022

Our little guy and all friends had a great time learning how to make their own pizza a pull-apart cinnamon bread.   We had two college girls (sisters), run the party and I have to say they did an excellent job of keeping all the kids engaged and gave very good child leveled instruction.  I was so impressed with how they asked questions first and let the kids predict.  The kids were excited, calm and (though, I am usually a teensy stressed when it comes to planning parties), I was not the tiniest bit stressed at this one!  I was actually feeling elated and relaxed at the same time.  More importantly, Brayden and all his little friends had a super time!  Everything went smooth and it seemed to go quickly.  

party 2012 001

preparing their pull-apart cinnamon bread

party 2012 013

      party 2012 010 party 2012 007

party 2012 031 

  party 2012 016 party 2012 038

party 2012 028

collage 5

party 2012 014

party 2012 037

B opened his gifts as the pizza and pull-apart cinnamon bread baked.

collage 4

Doesn’t it look great?!

 party 2012 190

party 2012 199

Bitter sweet to see your baby boy celebrate his 5th birthday, I must say.  I seriously kept thinking, he is now a little boy, no longer a baby or toddler.  It makes me feel a little sad, yet know it’s inevitable.  I am very comforted that I have a general idea of what to except as he grows and develops (only bc I have a teenager).  However, I look forward to “unknowns”  and making plans for his future.  How blessed we are to have such a little man so kind and loving.  Happy Birthday to MY baby boy!    

collage 3

saying bye to sweet Ella…which he’ll was to see soon.  Her birthday was immediately following the baking fun!

party 2012 210

Birthday hug, then group hug!

      party 2012 214 party 2012 220

Stacey, Jesse, Mandy, Megan, & a little Emily

party 2012 044

collage 1

Mommy loves this big boy so much!

party 2012 224

just a little collage I made on my phone, once we were home settled and playing


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Mommie Couture said...

Seriously, I'm beginning to think you need to become a party planner - everything you do is so incredibly cute! And Happy Birthday to B!