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Sunday, June 24, 2012

simply summer one

As we do various activities in the summer (and I am certain I will post about some of the others too), I am calling our family summer walks: one.  It’s one of the simple things that I love so much.  There is something special about randomly going on a walk as a family.  During the school year, we are usually swamped due to our schedules and too tired after work.  SO, needless to say, here are snaps of one of those walks I cherish like crazy.

First, let me introduce our newest family member, Joey!  He is certainly post worthy.  I am compiling some sweet snaps to honor him (coming soon).

walk 6  

This is on the way to an old pond in our neighborhood.  We think the newly laid trail might have been a Boy Scout project.  The grass has been cut down.  Brayden likes to throw horse apples in.  It makes for a quick walk, yet gives us some time to explore a little bit of nature too!

walk 1

walk 2

walk 3

     walk 4 walk 5

walk 7

walk 8

walk 9

walk 9a

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Priscilla said...

Love the pic of Joey! He is so cute!