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Friday, March 16, 2012

Finding Bigfoot Adventure!

spring break 2012 9

So, this has been a week of relaxation as it has been our spring break.  We’ve done a whole lot of nothing but, enjoy each other.  Wednesday B and I enjoyed the cool breeze and got a little fresh air as we walked to the park.  It was a gorgeous day.  Before we left he reminded me he was going to “call” for a bigfoot.  (He loves the show with the four single-minded researchers, Finding Bigfoot.  It’s on Animal Planet, which is one of his very favorite channels).  Anyway, I was so grateful for the time and nice weather to spend doing one of my favorite things…spending some one-on-one time with my number one boy.  I so HEART the conversations we have.  He was telling me how we must look for evidence (yeah, he said that word) in the grass and wooded areas.  He also said, I shouldn’t be scared because if we happen to see an elusive sasquatch (yes, he said both those words too), it would be scared of us.  I felt safe with my little guy;).

He has the BEST bigfoot call around!!!  In the 2nd photo below he is sounding the distinctive call.  LOVE it!

 spring break 2012 spring break 2012 2

spring break 2012 5

spring break 2012 3 spring break 2012 4

These are two little guys B played with (while on a break from searching).  They played a rhyming game as they ran around randomly.  They also played tag.  Both boys were older and bigger than B, and yet the oldest was so sweet to play fair and cut B a few “breaks” on tag.  It was fun to watch them interact and just “chill” together.

spring break 2012 6

spring break 2012 8 spring break 2012 7

What an ever so sweet time I had with my little guy!  I wish spring break could be forever!

spring break 2012 1

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texasmacks said...

I'm so sad SB is almost over. Love the action shot of the last pic!