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Friday, March 16, 2012

Easter Chicks

easter chicks 2012 2

This is a little project I made this afternoon.  I found this idea on Pinterest.  I thought it was so cute.  I’m sorry I don’t have the direct link.  Well, all you need is scrap paper and craft paint.  It looks like the ones below are on painted canvas.  I chose to use scrap paper and frames.  I guess I am thinking it will be easier to keep them protected and easier to store them.  I also used my babes’ fingers instead of their whole hand (just preference).  I included my little ones’ names and year (didn’t want to forget the year…later on, once they are older).  Anyway, I used heavily textured cardstock for the eyes and the beak.  I think it gives it a hint of dimension.  The turquoise backing has a shimmer.  Oh, and the colors are pretty bright, but not too bright.  I took my pictures in “lamp lighting” instead of natural light.  I have to say, I really like them…a lot.  I am toning down my color palette for most of my Easter decorations and these fit in perfectly!


 Easter Chick Handprints - awe, will make these add the year and frame! Too cute!

easter chicks 2012 1 easter chicks 2012


Mommie Couture said...

You are so creative!! I love them!

Kayleigh said...

You are Queen Creativity! Seriously love it!

yomaida said...

Thanks girls! Heart your comments!:)