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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine Popcorn with a Twist & Lovies!

Okay, so I made the ever so popular gourmet popcorn you can find almost everywhere online.  I found the idea on Pinterest of course and as soon as I saw knew it was what I would be doing for my little guy’s Valentine Treats fro school.  Leave it up to me to change it up and randomly tweak the recipe…sorta.  So, I tried looking for the Orville Redenbacher Tender White and Wilton Candy Melts.  After sending my hubby to 3 different stores and looking myself, I gave up.  Seriously, after the fact, I am so happy we didn’t have any luck finding the original ingredients.  I used these instead and not only yumminess was created but CUTENESS was too! Yay!  I found the cool BLUE popcorn at Walmart as I did the Baker’s Premium White Chocolate baking cubes.  Here are the simple steps! 

* ingredients: Pop Secret (pops blue), Baker’s White Chocolate, and Valentine M&Ms

The Valentine's Party 001

The Valentine's Party 004

1. pop popcorn (directions according to bag)

The Valentine's Party 002

2. melt white chocolate cubes (in microwave) stir every 30 seconds (total time: about 1 minute 10 seconds)

2.  mix all ingredients and stir

The Valentine's Party 003

3. set out on cookie sheet or wax paper and put in refrigerator to cool quickly

4. package up, add ribbon & card….Viola!

The Valentine's Party 008

OH, planning ahead with a cute saying (on the back)….all the better!

The Valentine's Party 014

LOVIES------because I am a detailed.silly.busy-bee.momma:

The well “thought out” V Day ensemble

The Valentine's Party 006  

teacher gift

 The Valentine's Party 009 The Valentine's Party 011

Lovies for my babes!  Nothing CRAZY great, but I will throw in…that we have NOTHING against candy, it’s just that we don’t necessarily want to “encourage” it.  Mean you say?  It’s Valentine’s Day for crying out loud.  The truth is, Brayden doesn’t care for candy…not.even.kidding.  Didn’t say he doesn’t like sugar…just doesn’t care for candy…any candy…at all.  Nealy on the other hand LOVES candy but, I brought SO much home from school and we always have some on hand.  Bottom line? Candy doesn’t excite my children like TWO very sweet sock monkeys do!  Ha! B named his, Cocoa.  I threw in some make-up for N and Legos for B.  It was a LOVELY day!

The Valentine's Day 003


Anonymous said...

This is really creative. Beautiful blog.

Mommie Couture said...

You are the cutest thing in the world! I can't get over it! :)