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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cheerful Road Trip


Family road trips are fabulous!  I say this sincerely AND sarcastically.  One: Scott, Nealy, Brayden and me all together in Downtown Houston at the JW Marriott makes for some fun times and snuggle times! Two:  early mornings, hair, make up, …and all that jazz is a combination that equals chaos.  I have to say the good outweighed the bad and the trip was grand.  As I am an early to bed kind of gal….I didn’t get photos of Saturday night where Nealy and two of her girls went to Steak House and came back to swim in the indoor pool.  I enjoyed the comfort of the bed, the Houston air (good for the allergies) and a few games on the iPad. Take a look at a few random pics of the weekend! Oh, and Sabres ended up in 2nd place:).  Man how we wanted 1st…we could taste it.  BUT, we were proud and Sabres performed well!

houston cheer america 2 004

 houston cheer america 2 012 houston cheer america 2 020

You may not EVEN notice but, Nealy’s skirt is a teensy big here.  (how much smaller can it get? :)  Well, she forgot her skirt in the hotel room the first day of competition. This seriously brought me to tears.  You can only be so responsible as a cheer mom.  Ugh!  I received a text 10 minutes before they were to be on stage.  Nealy discoverd she didn’t have it oh about 2 minutes before then.  First, she text me.  Then, the team mom.  Aaaah!  Seriously the tears were rolling and I was getting a little sweaty.  All I could picture is my girl out of 32 being the only one in teensy black trunks.  Luckily the coaches found her one to borrow from an other CA senior team! Phew!  Nealy didn’t forget her skirt the next day!

 houston cheer america 2 050 houston cheer america 2 168

houston cheer america 004

Um yeah I made my hat. Fab, right?

houston cheer america 001

houston cheer america 005

The boys a little annoyed with us….

houston cheer america 006

AND, here’s what N and I need to stay calm and collect (as best we could) in the room, in car, at the competition, at….well, you get it!  This was right down stairs in our hotel.  Greatness indeed!

houston cheer america 007

Aaah, love this boy so much!

houston cheer america 008

My mom and sis came!  They stayed at the Hyatt House SO close to us!  Loved having them there to cheer on our girl.

houston cheer america 009

Yeah, he’s patient and so supportive of Nealy and her cheer AND drama cheer momma….love him.

houston cheer america 011

houston cheer america 013

houston cheer america 015

houston cheer america 016

Enjoyed this weekend (smile).  NCA is coming up!!! Go blue, black and white….G3FCA2A!


Our Little Bubble said...

love that popcorn idea! catching up on too on your happenings :) could your family be any more photogenic?!? gorgeous!!

Priscilla said...

This little was the perfect little getaway AND it was great to watch Nealy compete! Go Sabres!!!