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Friday, December 23, 2011

Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas!


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2011 has been a year of many “news” for us! I guess “news” happen almost every year but, the year 2011 was one to remember.  I certainly like to reflect and give thanks for our blessings.  We started off by finishing up our school year with much anticipation for the summer month.  We took a family vacation to Negril, Jamaica.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much we enjoyed ourselves and beautiful island.  We spent a lot of family time together and planned for Brayden starting preschool, Nealy starting 8th grade, and me starting a school year with new administration.  The month of July brought many tears and heart break as we lost our very sweet Grandma Lupe, the kids’ great grandma.  It was a very sad time, but what we did and continue to do with God’s help is keep her memory alive by telling our favorite stories about her.  One being, Grandma’s 80th Birthday! She will always be missed and remembered daily.  We love you grandma.  As the year continued, we had more tears when B started attending a sweet little Christian Preschool 3 days a week.  It was bitter sweet.  Knowing he was not only being taught academics and socially developing, he was learning about God.  THAT made the ‘sweet’ outweigh the ‘bitter.’  This year I was also occupied being a part of the PTF Board as one of the two Parent Teacher Liaisons.  I love being involved and getting to know people.  I especially like the idea of putting time toward helping children and the wonderful teachers and staff at his school.  I believe we could not have been blessed any more as we found the perfect school for him.  I was also CRAZY-BUSY with my little side – hobby taking lots of photos and making lots of cards this fall. I actually need to update my site…eeks!  (That will be a small new year’s resolution).  I have to say, this is another huge blessing as it provides me with what I really enjoy doing.  I love making people happy and capturing their family’s legacy.  This certainly beats the profit…but, I gotta admit, it’s super great to have a “heavier purse” as the Christmas Season begins. :)  Scott has built his collection of firearms up this year and has invested time and money to keep our family safe and educated.  He has taken courses, gone to the shooting range and applied for his license.  I am super proud of him and his diligence and detail to keeping all the firearms locked and secured.  Nealy is on a senior competitive team this year, and has continued with private lessons since April.  In 6 short months she nailed her running back tuck and standing back tuck.  She is consistent and her tumbling is ‘pretty.’  She has had her standing three and toe touch three (three back handsprings).  She has continued to improve in the last few months and is working on combinations and hopefully soon, a layout!  I’m a proud cheer momma.  Brayden has continued to successfully meet milestones and absorb so much of this word around him.  He is one smart little fellow who is maturing and becoming very brave.  This year was his first year to play an organized sport.  Yay, Brayden! Reflecting is important as is setting goals for the new year to come.  Oh and do we have plans!!!!!  I CAN’T wait to carry our plans and continue to live this humble and full-of-love Everything England Life!  The year 2012 is much anticipated. Merry Christmas to all our beloved family members and cherished friends (near and far).  God Bless and God willing, let’s make it a GREAT new year!

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