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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Shark Week-end…Win!

What a day to remember!  It was Brayden’s first soccer game of the season.  This was actually his first soccer game he’s ever played in…ever!  Well, I can’t tell you how proud we were of our little guy.  He did very well.  He’s come a long way from his shy and reserved ways.  He’s still a little reserved but, he’s really come out of his shell.  He woke up and ready to go (PSP in hand)!

1st soccer game IMG_9235

Reflecting on the day, I realize that even putting on his uniform could have possibly been an ‘issue.’ BUT, it wasn’t!  He was excited and in such a happy mood.  The weather was beautiful and we weren’t running late. Yeah! Ha!  Seriously,  the  morning was super duper!  He’s B and Daddy AKA: The Assistant Coach

1st soccer game IMG_9240

warming up

  1st soccer game IMG_9266  1st soccer game IMG_9273 1st soccer game IMG_9274

Here’s Aiden his teammate, schoolmate, and the coach’s son!:)

1st soccer game IMG_9251

stretching….LOVE it!

1st soccer game IMG_9294

pre-game drills….cuteness!

1st soccer game IMG_9311

The game was getting ready to start! EXCITEMENT!

1st soccer game IMG_9322

1st soccer game IMG_9327

1st soccer game IMG_9339

Taking a little break from the game.  He decided after the first go around he was done.  He said next time he’d play a little longer.  So, needless to say when it was his turn to go back out…um, it didn’t happen.  He was all smiles (super hot) and watched his team play.  He did great!

 1 soccer game IMG_9340 1st soccer game IMG_9341

Go Sharks! Yahoo!

1st soccer game IMG_9342

Sharks WIN the game!  *since the score isn’t kept at this young level, I am not quite sure what the actual ending score was but, I am certain we had more goals:).  The Gators played well and did an awesome job too!

          1st soccer game IMG_9346  1st soccer game IMG_9354

          1st soccer game IMG_9359 1st soccer game IMG_9374

       1st soccer game IMG_9383 1st soccer game IMG_9386

We love you, our little Shark!;)

1st soccer game IMG_9394

We made a quick stop at Super Target and our little Shark was able to pick a Lego set!:)….Rotten Kid!

1st soccer game IMG_9434

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texasmacks said...

I normally hate soccer but have grown to love it watching Nolan, my oldest. These are great times you will always cherish!