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Monday, September 12, 2011

Girls’ Trip….Hook ‘em!

Nealy had a girls’ trip to Austin with her besties!  They had a blast of a road trip and so much fun hanging at the Texas game! Yeah!  She’s been telling me the funniest stories about their trip and adventures.   Hilarious!  Anyway, these are photos via Nealy’s iphone 4.  The quality? eh…, the variety? eh…, the level of fun they exude? UH, …maximum!:)  I am CRAZY-THRILLED all the girls had such a GREAT time together.  These girls DESERVED a well planned weekend with lots of fun and cheering!  They had good times indeed!   A special shout out to Kaitland’s mom, Sabrina!  As Nealy says, “the coolest mom ever”….THANK YOU!!!!  You SO are the coolest!  Next time, I wanna go!:)

on the way….

texas 1

texas 2

   texas 3 texas 4

Kimberly, Nealy, Kaitland, and Lauren <3 these girls!

texas 5

texas 8

  texas 7

texas 9

texas 9a

Yeow! Cat eyes! Ha!  They all are still so pretty. :)

texas 6

Go Longhorns!


page rogers said...

I'm so happy Nealy is loving the Horns again. they al look so pretty. Hook 'EM!!!!!!!

page rogers said...

Oops! I was typing fast and didn't reread my message. They all look so pretty. Oh my!

Priscilla said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all!!!!

yomaida said...

Thanks y'all! Yes, Page she is a big Longhorn fan once again...we'll see for how long!:)