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Saturday, September 17, 2011

…for the love of reading!

scholastic order IMG_9458

Early this week, I placed a Scholastic order online for my little scholar! It was the only night I was home early and had him and the house all to myself for a couple of hours.  I don’t have this often, and I was in big boy heaven.  Having one-on-one time with him is fabulous!  Especially, since life is super busy now, with work, and the kids’ extra-curricular activities.   Oh, and I’m running for B’s school PTF Board - Parent Liaison.  Um, not sure what urged me to do this but, I figure I am decent at communicating and have okay people skills. I can facilitate working relationships between parents and teachers.  I’m both a parent and teacher…can’t be too hard.  Right?  Well,  I certainly want to be involved at his school as much as I can.  However, chances are, since we are newcomers, and the existing board or parents have no idea who I am, I proooooo-bably won’t be selected, thereby not adding to my current “busy-ness.”  Anyway, can I just say, helping to foster a reading foundation for B,(meaning… not only spending the time with him reading books of all genres and providing him with virtual books, it also means spending a sweet “chunk of change,”) is so worth it!  I have no regrets.  It was fun looking at the different forms his teacher sent home and then ordering online together!

He circled the books he wanted.  We chatted about them, and he made final decisions, and d.o.n.e!  

scholastic order IMG_9453

scholastic order IMG_9447

Can’t wait for his order to arrive so we can snuggle up (as fall {BIG smile} approaches), and take exciting reading adventures together!:)

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