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Sunday, October 2, 2011

farm animal love

This year it was for Cousin Dylan’s birthday party!  My sister in law had a little petting zoo come out to their home.

Happy 2nd Birthday Big Boy Dylan!

petting zoo IMG_9467 

  I was SO hoping there was going to be little piglets again…remember this? 


I can’t believe this was over two years ago!  See the rest here: Furry Friends

Anyway, unfortunately there weren’t any piglets but, there sure was some cute little animals to pet and feed!  Of course B had a super time!  The weather was great and it was nice to spend some time outdoors enjoying these sweet little farm animals.

      petting zoo IMG_9468 petting zoo IMG_9497

As we arrived, Brayden saw the animals and smiled and was excited.  However, when we asked if he wanted to go in and pet them, he said, “No thank you.”  …(he’s so polite:).  He’s also VERY cautious.  Anyway, he warmed up to them outside of the fence and that’s all it took!  He was off to have a good time!

petting zoo IMG_9481

petting zoo IMG_9485

        petting zoo IMG_9492 petting zoo IMG_9494

Heart this shot of my boys.  Warms my heart!

petting zoo IMG_9496

petting zoo IMG_9510

 petting zoo IMG_9520

petting zoo IMG_9521

petting zoo IMG_9531

petting zoo IMG_9523

petting zoo IMG_9545

petting zoo IMG_9532

petting zoo IMG_9540

Great way to end the day….my big boy, all smiles!  Those straight (well almost straight) bangs, crack.me.up!  His hair was cut to go over to his left…um, I didn’t really bother this day. :)  It was a carefree day!

petting zoo IMG_9562

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