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Friday, September 9, 2011

All About Me {B}!

all about me IMG_9233

It’s Friday evening and all I can say, is I am loving every minute of it.  First, though I love me some photo shoots and making friends & customers happy…I do not have one this weekend!:)  It’s a nice little break.  I’m also super excited because B has his very first soccer game tomorrow.  CAN’T WAIT!!!  Okay, so let’s go in reverse.  Back to today, right now.  I am crazy giddy because B has his first “homework” assignment.  It’s a “show and tell” project for the All About Me thematic unit at school. Precious.  The letter specifically says, please help your child.  So, I did!  First, I asked Brayden if he even wanted to work on it tonight.  He was all for it!  He wanted to color himself blue.  Hmmm?  I suggested he look in the mirror to see if he was blue (I explained the entire project and purpose to him.  Trust me…those who know me, know how detailed I am with my words).  He came out of the bathroom and said, “No, I am not blue.  I am tan, like Neeweee (Nealy).”  I have to admit I was secretly satisfied as I thought he would choose the appropriate color for his skin. WRONG!  He STILL wanted to color himself blue.  I’m just the helper…not the creator. Right?  He colored himself blue.  Sweet boy!  He dictated exactly how he wanted his clothes to look.  He was very clear about wanting “army” pants and his grey “cool kicks” for shoes.  I gave him a few options on colors for shirts he picked the color and the logo.  Actually, I suggested a spider and the number 4 (for his age).  He helped me glue and arrange.  I don’t know how but, I manage to randomly find the camouflage stickers. Score!:)  We had so much fun making his All About Me project.

all about me IMG_9206

I know he was proud because not only did he want to run and put on his camo rain boots and rain coat, he made Daddy pause the zombie game AND agreed to photos!  Shocking!  Ha! Definite fun times in the England Home!

Aaah, Boogalicious!

   all about me IMG_9217 all about me IMG_9212A

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Mommie Couture said...

That is SO cute he colored himself BLUE! Love it :)

Erica said...

Awe, how you explained it to him and said I am tan Neeweee, and still colored himself blue. Hope he had fun at his soccer game(my sport of choice to play when i was younger)