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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

bye bye summer

Our school year has officially started!  Summer was GRAND while it lasted.  We had so much fun in the sun that these few don’t even give our memories justice.  However, the best part of “summertime” being over is….planning more memorable sunny times for next summer!

aaaah….Jamaica!…..Enough said.

Jamaica IMG_6101

Jamaica 16

Our fabulous 4th of July!

summer days

summer days IMG_5871

summer daysIMG_5874

summer daysIMG_5875

summer IMG_5870

Sabres Pool Party…planning on a winning season!  Oh so diggin’ the feather in her hair:).

cheer summer IMG_7491

cheer summer IMG_7535

  cheer summer IMG_7522 cheer summer IMG_7525 cheer summer IMG_7526

cheer summer IMG_7515

cheer summerIMG_7482

cheer summer IMG_7506

Love me some time with my mama!  We were laughing so hard!


Sunny Days-Sisterhood…funny moments.  The hardest I ever laugh is with my sis!

Nealy's 13th IMG_5422

Summer Lovin’



Kayleigh said...

Ahh! Your family is still so stinkin' cute!

yomaida said...

Aah, thank you Kayleigh! MISS YOU!

Priscilla said...

It was a GREAT summer!!!!