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Thursday, August 11, 2011

VBS in the Big Apple

A week of VBS for my little guy went well.   He missed the last two days due to his little thighs hurting (from shots at his 4 year wellness visit).  The Monday VBS started was very difficult for him.  It started at 6:30 and ended at 9:00.  (I know, kinda late).  Anyway, we ended up picking him up at 7:00 because he cried was saying he was sick and he was feeling disappointed.  Don’t ask me.  We knew it would be a little difficult for him because he’s very cautious of unknown situations or environments.  Eighty percent of the time, he’ll ease right in to new places, and then there’s that twenty percent….Yeah, it does not go well.  Sweet little guy.  I have to say, Tuesday and Wednesday were so great.  He participated and truly enjoyed learning more about God and Jesus’ role as his son.  He learned the song, Jesus Loves Me in sign language.  Adorable!  Well, the theme for the week was New York City!  The children were learning about the Big Apple but, more importantly how faith and life connect. 

VBS IMG_8366

Well, Brayden was SO excited to show us his work and explain what everything was.  He was too cute saying, “okay, mommy close your eyes and get ready.”  He crawled up on to our bed and took things out one by one.  I had the blinds open, curtains drawn, and camera in hand.

 VBS IMG_8363   

 VBS IMG_8361 VBS IMG_8360

VBS IMG_8352

 VBS IMG_8351  VBS IMG_8353 copy

This one I HEART!  He also made a Statue of Liberty hat out of a paper plate and little triangles…not sure how that didn’t make the photos.  It’s really cute too!

VBS IMG_8367

I can’t tell you how much our hearts were gushing with pride and joy!  What an awesome bible school week (um, mini-week).  We very much appreciate the teachers and everyone involved in helping make his experience a great one!  A special thanks to Gran for taking him and making things easier for us.  We are ALL blessed!

I told him we could display his work and he could choose where to display it.  I assumed he would pick the “fridge.”  Wrong!  He picked our bedroom wall.  So…..

VBS IMG_8368

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Candie said...

Girl, I've got stuff hanging on pretty much every wall in our home! I try to keep it cut back to our bedroom wall, the wall above our dog's food and water bowls, Cannon's bedroom wall and his hallway.....but the funny part about what he hangs is the 8 inch pieces of tape he tears and tacks on each corner. I remind myself they won't hang there for long. He won't be little forever. I know you know that. :) Have a great year!