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Saturday, June 18, 2011

A New Season!

Nealy 2

Although the new season started in May, it’s actually just starting to feel real.   I had my first parent meeting where summer camp, practice wear, uniforms, fees, parties, gifts for the girls etc was discussed.  A little overwhelming? No, remember I’m the ultimate cheer mom? Ha!  Seriously, our household is excited to see new routines, and attend the competition chaos.  As a mommy of a soon to be TEENAGER, (gasp….taking 3 deep breaths), I believe this time during a child’s life is when it is crucial they are active, involved, and engaged.  For Nealy, ironically it’s cheer that she loves and strives to improve in.  She welcomes the challenge.   I say ironically, because if you know her, you know she enjoys sports and is naturally a very decent athlete.  She’s not a “dancy-prancy” kind of girl.  I personally,  have grown to learn that cheerleading is in fact a sport and all the cheerleaders are referred to as athletes.  Training is intense with strength building, tumbling, dancing, flexibility, and precise technique.  More than anything, the athletes must be strong and have great endurance.  Keeping Nealy in cheer contributes to developing a positive self-esteem.  I believe this to be very important for a preteen girl.  It also continues to teach her about teamwork, positive sportsmanship, self discipline, and it keeps her very heart healthy.  She’s made a senior team this year, so most of the girls are older but, Nealy has eased right in and has been coming out of practice with smile (maybe a little out of breath), and she’s certainly happy.


Right now, we have 3 1/2 hours of practice each week.  This will increase soon, as a choreography time will be included.  Nealy attends a private lesson each week too!  We started in April and she looks forward to it every week.  Here is her coach, Demond.  We just love him!  He gives us great feedback and is so friendly.  He is an AMAZING guy, so talented and knowledgeable when it comes to training and tumbling technique.

Nealy 3      

Here’s to another winning season!  Love my girl and I am proud to be a mommy to this almost  teenager!….(smile).

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Priscilla said...

so ready for another season filled with excitement!!!