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Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Safari Luau

A Splashing-WILD and very happy 4th birthday

for Brayden!

safari luau IMG_5005

It was so much fun to plan Brayden’s birthday party this year!  I knew I wanted to do something he would really enjoy, yet keep it simple, small, and super cute.  He LOVES swimming and being outside.  Although, we have had a swim party in the past for him, he is now at an age where he is way more independent in the water.  He can take advantage of the fun there is to be had. 

Here is the invite!

B's Birthday Invite Front A copy copy B's Birthday Invite Back copy

Lots of bright animal print details added the ‘safari’ feel to a typical little luau.  On his party favors, I added “mahalo” in  a message, which means “thank you” in Hawaiian.  I used my Chicka-Chicka Boom Boom Tree from school and spelled B’s name out in foamy zebra letters for a table center piece!  Fun! Right?  I made simple cute labels for munchies you couldn’t see (due to being in the zebra containers), like “limbo sticks” for pretzel sticks and “Goldfish” for….you got it! Goldfish!:) Oh and the food tent you see in middle of collage, I found at Target in the DOLLAR bins.  They are like mini net umbrellas that fit perfectly over food plates.  What a find!  Perfect for keeping flies off food and keeping the whole luau cuteness theme going.  The cupcake toppers I made to coordinate with his invites and of course had little stickers made with his adorable smile on them.  Both the photo stickers and palm tree stickers were 1 1/2 inch in diameter and I punched out tan and black cardstock 2 inch scalloped circles to stick them on.  Easy! I used the left over “smile” stickers on his party favor bags.  They included: safari kaleidoscope, animal print sunglasses, animal print snap bracelet, and bouncy ball.

      IMG_4750 copy IMG_4754 copy

safari details collage


We had some wild animal print leis too!

safari luau tidbits

The Simple Set up

   safari luau IMG_4929 safari luau IMG_4949

safari luau IMG_4931

safari luau IMG_5156

safari luau IMG_4926



safari luau IMG_4935

safari luau IMG_4947

safari luau IMG_4975

safari luau IMG_4976

safari luau IMG_5108

Cousin Tristan and Uncle Lloyd

      safari luau IMG_4984 safari luau IMG_4988

Ella and Mommy Megan

         safari luau IMG_5171 safari luau IMG_4952


  safari luau IMG_5079

Peyton and Cullen…TWINS!

     safari luau IMG_4953 safari luau IMG_5080

safari luau IMG_5089

Cousins Dylan and Carson

     safari luau IMG_5153 safari luau IMG_5151


safari luau IMG_5163

Mitchell Family

safari luau IMG_5104

Sister Nealy and friend Lauren

safari luau IMG_5003

Happy Birthday Singing!

safari luau IMG_5019

safari luau IMG_5038

safari luau IMG_5040

safari luau IMG_5044

safari luau IMG_5049

safari luau IMG_5191

More FUN in the SUN!

BFF, Mandy and me

safari luau IMG_5137

safari luau IMG_5133

safari luau IMG_5138

JAWS…get the tune right before Jaws strikes in your head!

safari luau IMG_5143

safari luau IMG_5145

safari luau IMG_5146

Mahalo to our Friends and Family!

We had such a wonderful time celebrating with you all.  The best part of the party was the Brayden TOTALLY enjoyed himself so much!  When we asked him if he had a good time, he said, “I had a GREAT time and my birthday party!”  That makes me so happy!  We couldn’t have done it without you! 

Grandad and Gran

 safari luau IMG_5166

Sis and me

safari luau IMG_5176

Sis and Mandy

safari luau IMG_5172

Jesse and me

safari luau IMG_5179

Goodbye and Birthday Hug! 

safari luau IMG_5186

Brayden made out like a bandit!  We came home and he opened all his gifts.  He was so thrilled!:)  How blessed he is to have such amazing friends and family.  I know he felt special!

   safari luau IMG_5202 safari luau IMG_5219


Priscilla said...

this is a great representation of the day!!! a great time had by all!!! happy b-day Brayden!!! love, aunt Pia

Anonymous said...

stumbled across your blog. you sure did think of all the details. very creative and well planned. seems like hard work but if this is something you enjoy, why not? lucky little boy. gorgeous family.

Mommie Couture said...

WOW! This was the BEST birthday ever! The theme was so adorable and all your creative touches made it even more perfect. So awesome! PS What camera do you have? Your pictures are crystal clear!

Yomaida said...

Thanks Jennifer! I was worried going with animal print for a boy's party but, bc I included the safari animal kaleidoscopes and blue...it was all good. :)

I have a Canon 7D. I think it's more the lens that helps clarity and it's a Canon 50mm 1.4f. I SO appreciate you taking notice. I'm a little self critical, only bc I am with almost anything I do...:)
Anyway, Happy Blogging Friend!

erica harris said...

i love the invitation, how/where can i purchase them!