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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4th Baby!

Celebrating Nealy’s 13th!

A Very Happy Time!

Nealy's 13th IMG_5444

Where have the years gone?  I find myself asking this question over and over in my head.  My baby girl is a TEENAGER!  I just can’t wrap my head around it, just yet.  I mean, I see that she’s grown in so many ways. However, I still see her as a little girl sometimes.  (wiping a tear away).  Nealy McKay is a tremendous girl indeed.  I mean, she is totally fun and super funny with a ‘sometimes’ teen attitude.  She is certainly taking on some independence and I am proud to say, (although a bit more ‘bold’ and assertive than I), she is a little lady with manners and social grace.  Wow, makes a mommy proud.  I can’t explain well enough, (I will try) how wonderful it is to have a daughter.  She literally is my best friend.  She knows me like only a daughter can.  I share my insecurities, secret thoughts, and random opinions etc with her and I know she doesn’t judge me (AT ALL).   She listens and will simply let me know what she thinks.  I LOVE that about her.  She keeps me young and young at heart.  Her opinion matters to me.  She has proven to be a SUCH an AMAZING judge of character too.  I once said, “children have a sixth sense, they “see” people’s “true colors” and intentions long before many adults do.”  So needless to say, I love having her as my sidekick.  I love her and admire her so much!

Okay, so Nealy having a 4th of July birthday is super neat.  I think, anyway.  These last couple of years, she hasn’t really wanted a “party.”  She is cool like that.  She doesn’t really even voice what she wants.  I just do a little something to celebrate HER!  Here are a few little details I set out.


I baked red velvet cupcakes and even hand made the wrappers out of cute corresponding scrap paper.  I painted the letters (in her name) to add some personalization to the table.   Super simple, yet festive!  We had family over and Nealy had one of her best friend’s over too!  We served grilled burgers, hot dogs and all the “cookout fixins”.  Here’s just a peek of Nealy’s special celebration.  She smiled all night and that makes my heart happy.

  Nealy's 13th IMG_5449 nealy's 13th IMG_5455

Nealy's 13th IMG_5460

collage IMG_5405

Kaitland and Nealy (these two are two peas in a pod)

Nealy's 13th IMG_5440

Nealy, you bring the sunshine indoors!  Happy 13th Birthday sweetie.  We are so proud of you.  XOXOXOX

Nealy's 13th IMG_5522

Our very own “Sparkler”

A photo shoot we decided on a whim to do.  Okay, it was actually my idea but, what a great way to capture her on her thirteenth birthday.  We slept in and the sun was pretty much overhead, blah.  We had to be creative.  Fortunately, a kind lady offered to hold the shade for me on the “flag wall” backdrop photos.  They came out nice!  With such a pretty girl ;), you can’t go wrong!

July 4th Baby IMG_5264

   July 4th Baby blk and wht IMG_5281 July 4th Baby blkandwhtIMG_5235

July 4th Baby IMG_5224

  July 4th Baby IMG_5313 July 4th Baby IMG_5339

July 4th Baby IMG_5342

July 4th Baby IMG_5247

July 4th BabyIMG_5380

July 4th Baby IMG_5240

July 4th Baby IMG_5228

July 4th Baby IMG_5369

July 4th BabyIMG_5278


Anonymous said...

Happy late 13th birthday Nealy. Just from what i read and see in your(Yomaida) post, she seems like a great young lady, most be one proud momma. She doesnt want a party now, but in 3years she may change her mind.

Our Little Bubble said...

You take such great pics!! I didn't realize you are a professional at this. I really need to read my instructions and practice with changing settings.. etc. I received my new camera at Christmas time... procrastinator, oh I am!! Happy Birthday to your "now" teenager! p.s. I'm flattered to be added to your blog roll :)

Priscilla said...

Love this post! Can't believe it's been 13 years! I love that beautiful girl so much!!! What a blessing!!!