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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

June Quarterly Top 5!

So, I am linking up with Amber’s Articles,  to post my Top 5 photos from April – June.  I got this idea from Texas Macks! Fun right?  Quarterly Top 5 is also hosted by Click It Up a Notch, Sarah of Nap Time MomTog.  Check out these cool sites!  Well, without further ado (and in no particular order)…


1. My sweet Brayden on Memorial Day Weekend smiling bright just warms my heart.  I totally like that you can see his little sweat on the left side of his face.  I love the sharpness in his eyes (my focal point).  I heart this photo so much I used it on his birthday invite!

memorial day 2

2.  This one, and the other patriotic shots were obviously taken at the very end of June so we’d have them for my sassy daughter’s July 4th birthday.  I feel like this photograph not only captured her overall mood, it depicts my daughters personality well.  She is fun, energetic, and lovable.

July 4th Baby IMG_5264

3.  Just love the warm hue and bokeh in this one….The month of April brought so many pretty flowers.  Our Texas Bluebonnet is simply beautiful.  However, this photo (speckled with just a few) reminds me of my son’s cheerful and calm mood he was in.  He was happy to be on hill viewing a wide open field with all the pretty bluebonnets. 

IMG_2640 copy

4.  I like the color and bokeh in this photo.  This photo makes my heart beat a little faster and my eyes get a teensy bit watery.  I will have this close-up to cherish and view of my daughter when she was so just a week away from turning 13!

July 4th Baby IMG_5247

5.  Again, another one of my “sparkler.”  This one warms and soothes me.  We used a building that had the American flag painted on it.  She LOVED the idea of having patriotic photos made.  This photo captures her sincere smile as she was balancing herself sitting a on a bar.  Makes me smile too!

July 4th Baby IMG_5224 

I always thought good photos were like good jokes. If you have to explain them, they just aren’t that good. – Anonymous

I hope to have shared a little about my babies.  I also wanted to express what I like about them, a teensy bit of how the photos make me feel along with some memories.

This was super fun and simple!  As I am a huge photographer/hobbyist and by no means a professional, I’m taking a little “leap” by actually “entering” my photos.  Just call me a risk taker. Ha:)!  Seriously, I enjoyed looking in my April – June photo folders and not only picking out my faves but, letting all of the photos take me back in time (even if just a couple months) to these ever so special memories of my two sweet children!  Warms my heart!



Anonymous said...

I love these!! What awesome photos. Great job. Thanks so much for linking up with us.

Amber said...

I am so glad you took the leap and joined us. I have learned time and time again that if you love photography.......YOU LOVE IT!! At times I would get really down on myself, because I would compare myself to other people. Now, I realize part of why I love it is because I am constantly in a learning process and capturing my family doing fun stuff is awesome no matter what.

I really love that second photo. Your children are beautiful.

Courtney said...

Yay!! Way to be a risk taker!! I'm glad you linked up! I LOVE all these patriot photos!! That second one of your daughter is fantastic! The colors in all your photos are wonderful! You sure did capture their wonderful personalities! I'm glad you will have that one of your sweet little girl! Such lovely bokeh in 3 and 4!! I can't wait to see your photos next quarter!! Thanks for linking up with us!