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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Simplicities of Memorial Day Weekend

     memorial day 2B memorial day 2C

3 day weekends are grand!  I personally and silently thanked the men & women who served and are currently serving our country.  What a blessing it is to the US to have these courageous men and women.  Memorial Weekend is a nice reminder to have and honor them. 

The extended weekend for us, was spent with our family.  We ate, played, laughed, and relaxed.  We started off with a birthday party (see previous post) and then headed over to the in-laws for some super yummy BQ brisket, ham, & turkey.  We certainly had all the “fixins” too!  Nealy spent much time with her girlfriends and did honor us with her presence the latter part of the weekend.  Thus, no Nealy pics in these first few.  Anyway, we had some water gun fun!  Check out the boys…

memorial day 3

memorial day 4

memorial day 5

Okay, so this has to be one.of.my.favorite.photos. EVER!  I love all his cuteness!  He makes me laugh.  Yes, he is aiming straight at my legs.  He did warn me, but I like giving him a hard time (snapping and snapping away with my camera). 

memorial day 5B

Moving on to the backyard for some more outdoor goodness.

memorial day 6

Well, Scott’s parents’ backyard backs up to a huge pond.  In the yard there are these crawdad holes.  For years, Scott has told me stories about when he was little, he and his friend would catch them with fishing wire and piece of bacon.  So, needless to say, I am not an “outdoorsy type of gal” and so I found this information to be very interesting.  I’ve tried for several years now to catch a crawdad this way (when we spend anytime outside at my in-laws).  I’ve never had any luck. 

Carson and Brayden “fishing.”

memorial day 7

memorial day 8

memorial day 8B

Cousin Carson catching a ball.

memorial day 9A

Cousin Dylan (AKA: Baby Dylan) giving one of his ever so cute expressions.

memorial day 9B

My adorable son!  This is the pic I used for his birthday party invitation.  LOVE it.

memorial day 2

And, believe it or not, Brayden took this of us.  He really has an eye for photography.

memorial day 1

Here is one of the infamous holes.

memorial day 9C

day two 1

day two 2

day two 3

Scott’s dad grows strawberries.   Nealy always likes taking a peek and if she finds one, she eats it!:)

day two 4

day two 5

Here are my boys, at the second day of attempts to “hook” a crawdad.

day two 6A

B back in the sand.  Can you see that wasp to the right of him?  Gracious!  I didn’t notice that until I saw the pic.

day two 6B

Scott found this claw next to one of the many holes and this was all it took to motivate me even more.  I was one determined girl.

day two 6C

So, here is the hole I decided to stick with.

day two 6D

I let my weighted fishing wire, baited with bacon, go in about 4 to 5 feet.  Everyone left me alone expect Nealy.  She and I waited it out.  After about only 5 minutes, all of a sudden, I felt a tug!  I started pulling (shocked at how hard) and about 6 inches in, I could see the crawdad!!!  SO EXCITING!  I started yelling for help but, then realized my yelling might scare the big bug.  Nealy ran to get Scott.  The crawdad let go, and there I was frowning!:(  Well, we could still see it, so Scott’s dad dug it out with a small shovel. LOOK!

day two 7

Aah so neat to me! …a little creepy.

day two 7B

Brayden was interested too!  I on the other hand, well….ummm, you would have thought I struck oil…or at least, found a gold nugget the way I was jumping and smiling!

day two 7C

day two 7D

day two 7 C2

ewwww, I didn’t hold it.  I took many ‘o pics though!  Oh and just so you know, we let the poor thing go.  We put it in the flower bed where the soil had just been watered and it was nice and muddy.

day two 7E

She’s a cutie and a sweetie (when she wants to be).

day two F

day two 8

I laugh at this photo!  We are all looking a little unruly. Especially, Nealy’s “lion hair.” Ha! But, it’s us,… in all our “not-so-cuteness.”  LOVE LOVE LOVE my sweet family of four!

day two 8C

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texasmacks said...

great pics and love that pic of your husband too! GREAT bokeh!!!! Good job!