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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

where every kid can be a kid

Yep! It’s Chuckie E Cheese alright!  B was invited to his little friend, Avery’s birthday party.  He really does like this place, um, like a whole lot.  He likes mostly the bigger kids’ games.  Seriously, this boy loves him some video games.  I promise we limit his time playing games on the Play Station, Wii, iPad, iphone, and even the PC.  Especially, the ones on the Playstation.  I even tell him, that too many video games will turn his brain to mush.  I pretend I look in his ears to his brain. :)   Well, most of the games we provide for him are educational anyway.  They are interactive and provide opportunity for higher order thinking.  However, I’m not going to lie,…some are not educational.  An example would be Little Big Planet.  It is a game for young kids targeting upper elementary.  Yeah, my kid is unbelievably skilled when it comes to this game considering he is only 3.  This game requires creativity and inventiveness.  It provides opportunity for children to take ownership in what they create.  Did I mention strategizing skills are needed?  Seriously.  Kids have to predict, think ahead, and it’s connected to real word experiences.  How?  You may ask.  Well, in this game you create levels and day to day activities can be inspirational to levels created. So, for not falling under “educational”…it’s not too bad, I don’t think.   I’m just sayin’ and I think I read that on the game description. Ha!  Not to mention, the hand/eye coordination is a benefit.  Neat huh?   (Okay, I tend to go off on tangents…sorry). 

Anyway, we certainly had fun at Chuckie E Cheese!  Take a look!

chuckie E cheese 1

        chuckie E cheese 2  chuckie E cheese 2A

The Birthday Girl!  Thank you for inviting us.  We had a grand time!

chuckie E cheese 1A

chuckie E cheese 3

  chuckie E cheese 4 chuckie E cheese 8

chuckie E cheese 7

chuckie E cheese 5

chuckie E cheese 6

chuckie E cheese 9

Yay for Chuckie E Cheese!  Where a  kid can be a kid!

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texasmacks said...

great pics and looks like you're getting ready for summer!!! YAY!!!