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Thursday, May 19, 2011

and, I love you!

Brave beyond measure

Respectful, with a Radiant personality


Youthful energy

Determined & Delightful

Eager & Earnest

Noble & Nutty


brayden IMG_4035

I realize this is one of his very last ‘in undies’ photo shoot, but isn’t he cute?  I mean, he can’t stay little forever, and I totally had to capture this fun on camera.  His giggles, squeals, moves, and energy brought so many heart-warming feelings to me this mother’s day weekend.  I promise, as I was watching and clicking away, I joined in with the giggling.  I tried so hard to erase any nagging “to do lists’ out of my mind.  I relaxed my shoulders, enjoyed the sunshine, and focused directly on him – the feeling of overflowing love and happiness he gives me.  Not only did I let the feeling take over, I thanked God for giving me the little boy of my dreams…AND the family of my dreams.  These pictures are of him and all his cuteness, yes.  However, they only remind me of my imperfect family that is completely perfect for me! 

brayden IMG_4069

             brayden IMG_3996 brayden IMG_4025

brayden IMG_4045

brayden IMG_4058

brayden IMG_4036

    brayden IMG_4040 brayden IMG_4041

brayden IMG_4079

Dear Booga,  you have completed our family so perfectly.  I cherished this moment in time with you.  All the fun wiped you out.  I captured you as you slept so peacefully.  Confession:  I watched you long after I put the camera away.  Maybe, just maybe, I  wept silently only because you make my heart so happy.  You are a gift.  How blessed I am to have you – my sweet and very smart boy!  ….And I love you.

brayden IMG_4083


Priscilla said...

I LOVE this post!!!! He truly is a blessing to all who love him! I can not imagine our family without him! I love you Brayden!!! Love your aunt Pia!!!!

yomaida said...

Awe, thanks P! He loves u as much as u love him!

Mommie Couture said...

He is SO precious!!! Awesome photos, too!

Our Little Bubble said...

what great moments you've captured in your pics. and such an adorable little man you have! It's kind of a bummer that they can't stay that little for just a little while longer =)