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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Gift-ember, The Season of Giving!

It has been very busy this time of year having booked many ‘o photo shoots and making lots of Christmas Cards.  Though I have to admit it’s been fun, I certainly do not want to lose precious time with my family.  It IS beginning to look a lot like Christmas and have enjoyed thinking and planning special things for us to do.  First, I have to share some very sweet gifts I have already received!

Bright and Merry

Such a sweet and very thoughtful gift.  He is out of town working a lot and he thought of us.  I displayed this beautiful plant (it IS real) on my kitchen table for us to enjoy.

Bright and Merry 2

This one touches my heart and I probably need to communicate again how thankful I am.  Nealy and my mom did this on a day Nealy stayed home from school feeling under the weather.  They both knew that I had been working a lot and I was a teensy overwhelmed.  This was a gift that was definitely needed and SO appreciated.

  Bright and Merry 4

One of my many favorite things of the season is receiving cards!  Such a fun thing to do – open the mail and see all the pretty and so creative notes of Christmas Wishes!

Bright and Merry 3

So, I have done a little giving too!  My big boy is seriously a cool kid with a sensitive heart and kind personality.  We certainly mold him this way, but I admit he’s a teensy bit spoiled.  He’s the baby.  Anyway, having festive attire for the month of December is a must.  Paired with dark jeans, cool kicks, and a little bit of swagger…how can the kid go wrong?

Now, the title of the post is Gift-ember right?  Well, I have been inspired to do just that.  Gift as much as we can.  If you know me well, you know I am busy and I usually thrive in a “busy” environment.  However,  I am slowing down to GIVE to my entire family and GIFT together.  I have not only witnessed random acts of kindness, I have started them.  This month, I want my whole family to be engaged in these activities.  Most will be simple but, the idea is to teach my children the kindness (following His path) in giving to others. Here’s a little notecard I made.  I am waiting on 50 (they are being printed).  We will either put them on cars in parking lots or on front doors in our neighborhood.

Christmas Kindness example


I will certainly share some of the gift-ember activities we do!  There will be some baking and note making…lots of fun!

Last, here’s a little gift to enjoy (click image to get the schedule):

Christmas Movies

AND, if you are on the go?  Click here to see how you can watch the Christmas Movies from your phone!

christmas Movies on the go!

Hope your Christmas Season has started off Grand!

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