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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Very Thankful

feast IMG_1524

Being able to attend Brayden’s Thanksgiving Program and Feast is certainly something I and the whole family was very thankful for.  Watching him sing, pray, and say a verse from the bible was such a blessing.  The kids were too cute and did such a great job.  They had little hand motions and even danced just a bit (okay, maybe ran in place doing a turkey trot).  Needless to say, it was just 100% darling.  I know the teachers spent much time preparing and helping the little ones get ready for the big day!  We are so thankful for them as they teach little ones the purpose of serving God, and all that encompasses being in school.   It was such a nice reminder to be so very thankful for the many blessings this time of year and ALL year long!

   This was our invitation (made with B’s little hand), and our reservation.feast IMG_1542

There was a cute Pumpkin Turkey as the main center piece for each table.  Each table was by class.  The week before Brayden brought home a turkey feather to decorate.  I’ll go ahead and “fess up,” that I totally did (decorated) the whole thing for him.  His feather is the one with with his initials, buttons, etc.  He missed a week of school due to having a sinus infection:(.  Anyway, these were the turkey’s feathers.  Cuteness!

  feast IMG_1322 feast IMG_1323

I’m not quite sure B knew what to expect (being his first year in school, let alone program).  I was SO unbelievably proud at how well he stood.  He was composed, so quietly, still, and focused prior to starting the performance.  Once, he saw me, (I crept, politely scooted my way to the front for photos:), he was so excited.  He just wanted to tell someone, his mommy was there.  Hence, his turning around in the second photo.  Umm, this is when my tears started flowing.

    feast IMG_1347  feast IMG_1333

   feast IMG_1334   feast IMG_1332

  feast IMG_1331   feast IMG_1330

I got a few of him in action.  I couldn’t help but take so many photos as I wiped away my tears of love at the same time.

     feast IMG_1492   feast IMG_1428

feast IMG_1481

My Favorite!

feast IMG_1501

We took turns posing with our little turkey, Indian!

feast IMG_1531

feast IMG_1536

 feast IMG_1532

Mrs. York!  B just ADORES her!

feast IMG_1540

Some of the super cute details!  I took these at home bc I was serving food.  I am one of the two Parent Teacher Liaisons on the PTF Board, so I did have a teensy part and responsibility in the organization of the Feast.  I’m so glad I was able to thank families for attending (there was a general meeting prior to the performance) and  it was nice to have the opportunity to meet many families and teachers.


Each student had a name “plate” as did each of their guests.

    feast IMG_1546  feast IMG_1545 







feast IMG_1548

This is such a precious idea.  You use a toilet paper roll, and gather fabric around it and tuck it in the tube.  Add a stem, leaves and use a curled pipe cleaner and DONE!  Voila!  Darling little pumpkin!  This was used as one of the center-pieces on the long tables. 

feast IMG_1550

“Let us come before Him with thanksgiving…let us sing songs of praise.” Psalms 95:2

I love you Brayden James!  I am thankful to have such a smart, kind, & Godly little boy in my life.  You will always be my number ONE boy!

feast IMG_1534

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