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Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Smurf of a Time!


Yesterday, I took Nealy and Brayden to watch The Smurfs, movie.  It was darling!  The evil wizard Gargamel chases the tiny blue Smurfs out of their village in the enchanted forest.  A few of the smurfs tumble from their magical world and right into central park.  They must find a way to get back home, before Gargamel finds them.  It’s a sweet feel-good movie with lots of action and cute humor.  We went to the 12:40 showing, perfect as it was super hot outside.  What’s a better way to spend a little time when it’s too hot to be outdoors?  I was proud of my big boy once again.  He sat so well and didn’t get frightened by the creepy Gargamel.  He loved the action.  Nealy even said several times she thought it was so cute and that she really liked the movie.  Me too!  At the theater, we indulged in hotdogs, popcorn, and Coke Slurpees!  I just love movie dates with my two! 

             The Smurfs IMG_7230 The Smurfs IMG_7227

In true Smurf Fashion….B wore his vintage smurf tee.  He wears it a lot, that’s how much he likes it!:)

The Smurfs IMG_7235

                 The Smurfs IMG_7247 Slurpee

The Smurfs IMG_7242

The Smurfs IMG_7246

How I am going to miss summertime fun!

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