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Friday, July 29, 2011

Once there was a little teddy…

little teddy IMG_4365

that was just a basic, very traditional little teddy bear.  Somewhere along the way of a little boy’s life, he picked him up and made the little teddy, a little friend.

little teddy IMG_4370 

Teddy became the teddy bear’s official name and goes almost everywhere with the cutest little boy in town.  If Teddy doesn’t go, then the little boy finds someone to “babysit” him. 

little teddy IMG_4376

Teddy is very special to the little boy indeed. 

little teddy IMG_4387 

Occasionally, Teddy runs into a little fright!  With the help of a tricky (and sometimes pesky) big 13 year old girl, the Munch Monster tries to kidnap Teddy and eat him up.  The Munch Monster is about 10 times Teddy’s size.  He’s scary.   The little boy won’t have any of that, so he asks his mommy to keep a careful watch over Teddy, while he battles with the Munch Monster!

little teddy IMG_4383

Teddy remains cared for and safe!

little teddy IMG_4385

Teddy and the little boy live a very happy life and continue to battle the Munch Monster with GREAT success.  The End

little teddy IMG_4395

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Mommie Couture said...

This is seriously the cutest post EVER!!!