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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award!!



Oh yay!  I’ve never received an award for my blog.  Super.excited.about.it!  I’m even more giddy about receiving it from Jennifer at  Mommie Couture!!   This is a way cool one as it The VERSATILE Blogger Award! AND the definitions (take note #1. in bold)…

(vûr'sə-təl, -tīl')

  1. Capable of doing many things competently.
  2. Having varied uses or serving many functions: "The most versatile of vegetables is the tomato" (Craig Claiborne).
  3. Variable or inconstant; changeable: a versatile temperament.
  4. Biology. Capable of moving freely in all directions, as the antenna of an insect, the toe of an owl, or the loosely attached anther of a flower.

So, Listen up!  The scoop is…  To keep the "Versatile Blogger" recognition going there are some rules attached!  (Um, I made some modifications…not major, just felt the need).

  • Thank the person who gave you the award & link back to them in your post
  • Share TEN fun facts (not everyone knows) about yourself
  • Award fifteen, seven FIVE of your favorite bloggers (5 keepin’ it simple…that’s just how I roll lately!)
  • Contact these bloggers and let them know they’ve received their award

Ten Fun Facts (not everyone knows) about Everything England

1.  My hubby and I are celebrating our 5th year anniversary this June.  We are taking a family vacation to Negril Jamaica this summer.  We are celebrating the four of us!

2.  I’ve been diagnosed with ADD from two different psychiatrists and one certified general practitioner.  It’s really not a bad thing.  I use it to my advantage, as I am a genius when it comes to multitasking. I learn things quickly, and I am considered by others to be creative.  Oh, and somehow I can go on an average of 6 hours of sleep a night.

3.  In 1998 when I gave birth to my daughter, I broke my tailbone during the birth.  That was the worst pain I have ever experienced!  Now, I can say (when she has her diva attitude)..”Listen girl!  I broke my tailbone for you.  The least you can do is show a little love to your momma.”

4.  I hold a Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Studies with a specialization in Early Childhood K-6.  I have a Master’s in Early Childhood with a specialization in Reading.  Both degrees came from the University of North Texas!  Go Mean Green!

5.   Everything England was originally started to keep loved ones updated on my pregnancy and the birth of my son.  However, as blogging became so natural and I totally loved it, I knew I had to continue to journal.  Sharing (whether personal, helpful, interesting, funny, or factual) , it is uplifting, honest and positive!

6.  I am a HUGE photographer/hobbyist!  LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  Can’t begin to explain, the enjoyment I get knowing I am Capturing Memories!

7.  I hate to be reprimanded.  I also tend to take responsibility for mishaps, miscommunications, etc…even when it’s not my fault.  I guess, I can’t stand when people don’t take responsibility for their actions (and words) or always get defensive…I don’t ever want to be at fault for doing such things…so I go the extreme.  That being said, I stand up for myself.  I’m strong like that.

8.  I am a big workout fanatic!  Seriously.  It makes me feel so good knowing I am in excellent health for my children and family.  I’m heart healthy and head healthy!  Yay me!

9.  I trim my eye lashes.  Yeah, you read it right.  Four on the left eye and two or three on the right.  A countless number of people ask me if I get eyelash extensions and/or if I use Latisse (that prescription to grow long dark eye lashes)…The answer is:  My eyelashes are very real.  My daughter and son both have the same lashes!

10.  So funny…I am becoming the ultimate cheer mom!  There has even been some DRAMA.  There seriously needs to be a reality show titled:  Where there are cheer moms, there’s drama!…Ha!  Loving every minute of the intense, go go go, tumble tumble tumble life.


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Anonymous said...

YAY! for the blog award i don't see why you haven't gotten more. i really enjoy reading your blog, it's one of my favorites. I can tell that you are a great mom from reading your blog, as well have a great family all around

Annie said...

thank you so much for passing the award on to me sweet lady!! :)

i can't believe you broke your tail bone during labor, i'm not even gonna ask!!