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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy Bag-day to Me!

Yep! Last Friday, April Fool’s Day, I celebrated my 37th birthday!  I have to admit my week preceding my special day was kinda crummy. I can’t really even think of a reason why, other than I felt over worked and crazy tired.  I didn’t see my hubby much due to his added responsibilities at work and Nealy started private cheer lessons a few weeks ago (meaning I was on the go, go, AND, go).  There were layoffs at work, and although I wasn’t worried about my job, I was worried about others.  It just simply was just not a great week.

Friday at the gym, one of my BFF’s, Aspen announces she is treating me to Starbucks for my birthday.  Our dear friend, Silvia meets us there and we sit, sip, eat, and enjoy.  It was a GREAT morning.  The day was filled with tons of messages, goodies and love.  My sweet K kiddos were unbelievably generous, excited and loving.  One of the moms put together a little surprise and they all brought me an assortment of flowers.  My team at work brought yummy pound cake, whip cream, hu-mungo strawberries, and their happy spirits to my room during our planning period.  LOVE my peeps at work!  I am blessed.

I get home that afternoon to be greeted by my two boys, dressed up and ready to go.  Nealy was with friends (she was so sweet the day before explaining she knew it was my birthday…but, missed her friends bc she hadn’t seen them due to cheer).  The hubs, B, and I headed out to dinner (so I thought).  We actually headed to North Park Mall.  I didn’t catch on until we were actually walking into Neiman’s.  I was giddy (but, still not certain about what birthday gift my honey had in store).  Well,… I got to pick out a new LV!!!!!!  Needless to say,  I already knew which one I wanted as I have drooled over it a few times online.  Neiman’s was SOLD OUT!  Boo!  Well, LV had one left and I couldn’t walk fast enough to the store.  WOW! What an amazing birthday surprise!!!  My hubby is CRAZY wonderful.  (Shout out to my honey: I LOVE YOU!)  He’s a very generous gift giver.  SO love this bag! HEART that I can carry my camera, B’s books, an Ipad, etc in it.  So here she is…yes, indeed, she’s a beauty. 


Thank you to all my wonderful friends and lovable family for making my day SO special.  hugs…..:)


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Anonymous said...

Girl, you can carry everything in that bag. Looks like you had a very happy birthday. Happy Birthday
* Sorry this is late,school took over my life, now i am just catching up on post*