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Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Walk in the Park

park spring break 2011 039 copy

Warm temperatures with a cool breeze is one of my favorite weather conditions.  Especially, if it’s paired with some alone time with my favorite little man.   I spend countless hours of alone time with Nealy, due to her extra-curricular activities.  Not to mention, we’re just two peas in a pod.  Brayden is a BIG TIME daddy’s boy.  I love the relationship my boys have.  However,  I love my little guy like crazy and I know it’s important to build our relationship (however, God has it in plan for us).  I will say, I cherish the moments I spend with Brayden.  I plan carefully to make the time needed to spend quality time with him.  Not just reading and teaching…blah blah, but playing, talking, touching, joking, exploring, laughing, …bonding!  Thus, I present to you candid photos, (one or two set out to capture of my little guy)!  AND more importantly snapshots of our time together bonding.  LOVE my Booga-licious!

I forgot to mention, that he actually drove to the park, and I ran. (Yes, you read correctly, I ran).  Totally not by choice (hate to run).  Daddy, somehow was able to change the speed of B’s jeep.  Yep!  It’s not slow. I had camera in hand, running in flops, and pulling up my shorts…oh, let’s say every 10 seconds.  It was AWESOME!

park spring break 2011 007 copy

park spring break 2011 016 copy

Out of nowhere Brayden took a sudden interest in my camera.  He was all about looking through the “scope” to shoot wildlife…um, and me.

   camera 3 camera 1 camera 2

His very first photo!  Not bad.

park spring break 2011 049 copy

Here are a few “deer” grazing…(Brayden’s word)! What? You don’t see them?

   park spring break 2011 070 copy

park spring break 2011 087 copy

I was able to borrow my camera for a few shots! No, he didn’t fall.  There were several before these…he was just running, acting silly - releasing energy.

      park spring break 2011 063 copy park spring break 2011 064 copy park spring break 2011 065 copy park spring break 2011 066copy

park spring break 2011 076 copy

park spring break 2011 116 copy

park spring break 2011 114 copy

B took over as photographer again!:)  As much as I was a little worried he would drop the camera.  He never did and he was very careful with it.  I taught tried to teach him how to back focus (he was so interested) but, I think his hands were just a bit too small and he couldn’t really keep the camera steady…he was super cute taking pictures.  I literally had about 50 he took of me and over 100 in all. 

His first black and white photo!

park spring break 2011 089 copy

 park spring break 2011 096 copy

park spring break 2011 098 copy

park spring break 2011 128 copy

I’ll keep this little adventure in my heart forever.  It was Brayden’s first time to take photos, we explored as we talked about oak trees.  We talked about how acorns grow on oak trees, drop, and the cycle starts all over again.  I explained very few acorns grow to be oak trees and why.  I was able to tell the steps with such amazing knowledge (because I just did this last week with my kids at school) ha ha!;) I asked him if he could think of other trees and seeds.  So funny!  For trees, he thought of Christmas tree and tall trees with green leaves:).  For seeds, he gave me bird seeds and acorns.  I gave other examples….expanding on this will make for a fun little activity soon!


Muwah!  To my Booga.  I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

park spring break 2011 044 copy


Mommie Couture said...

First of all you are seriously gorgeous!!! Second, those pictures are amazing! What do you use to edit? Stunning!

yomaida said...

Jennifer, you're so sweet! I use Photoshop cs5. The black and whites (I just changed the setting on my camera). I adjust levels for almost all my photos. Just to give them a crisp pop. I only really edit candids and portraits for customers or friends wishing to get prints. I am a photographer hobbyist. It's an art that I enjoy a whole heck of a lot!:)

:) happy weekend friend!

Anonymous said...

He can take a good picture, i don't know what it is but my 4 year old niece loves to use my camera and has for a while, a lot of her pictures aren't that bad. Did you see the comment i left you about Nealy being on that cheer facebook page, i got on to my facebook and i was like that girl likes familiar face.

yomaida said...

Erica, he now looks around the house for my camera. lol

I did get that message. We looked at it. she's famous. Ha ha. She has tryouts soon and has been taking privates so we'll see...

Have a great rest of the week!;0