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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

NOT so typical Monday

Yesterday was fabulous!  My two and I went to lunch at TGIF Fridays, and then hit the movie theater for a little Gnomeo and Juliet…SUCH a cute movie! It was in 3D too!


  love  flower

Now, the 3D part of this was a little surprise.  I actually didn’t know this until after we paid for our tickets.  I was a teensy bit nervous, hesitant, because Brayden has reservations about things he’s not accustomed to.  This was his very first movie in a theater experience.  I make it sound like it’s a big deal and happens a lot, but in reality? It doesn’t.  I just know he is a cautious kid.  As we found seats, it was literally 3 minutes later and the movie started.  Aah,…and I thought we were going to be late.  It was actually perfect.  I snuck B’s glasses on from the side and he left them ON! What’da ya know!  I was pleased, to say the least.  I mean, he totally gets the whole “this is a new situation, new learning activity” thing.  He’s really super smart. (the 11 1/2 months of nursing paid off….:) Seriously, I was happy he accepted the large-dark room and loud volume of the movie.   We ALL enjoyed popcorn, Twizzlers, and huge cherry-vanilla Coke!

I HEART the spring break week.  LOVE spending time with my kiddos doing fun things.  I can’t wait for summer to do things like this and more.  So here are my cuties!  I LOVE YOU TWO!

IMG_1770 copy

     IMG_1776 copy IMG_1779 copy

IMG_1789 copy

IMG_1787 copy

IMG_1795 copy

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