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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the ending…

Our cheer season has ended and we are looking forward to the next.  Right now, Nealy’s team the Katz ended with a 1st place at the the last competition, Spirit Celebration (post & photos to come).  It was an amazing way to “finish up!” At NCA they were in 1st the first day (of the two day competition) and ended up in 3rd.  Even though, our girls were a little blue, it was a fun and super exciting weekend! 

Nealy and Morgan

 IMG_1685 copy

preparing to go to the practice room with the coaches

IMG_1690 copy

IMG_1693 copy

IMG_1713 copy

This is why I love this girl.  Can’t you tell she loves me too?!

IMG_1722 copy


Oh, this is just probably one.of.my.most.favorite photos of all time!  Here’s is little brother giving Nealy a big “you performed awesome” hug AND he is rockin’ the CLAW!!!

IMG_1710 copy


Priscilla said...

Love this last photo!!! One for the scrapbook for sure!

Anonymous said...

Awe B wore his katz shirt, he got to support his big sister to cute.