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Friday, February 25, 2011

GEARing up for NCA!

All week Nealy  participated in Theme Week, a CA tradition in which the athletes and coaches dress up like the theme for each day of practice leading up to NCA All-Star Nationals. 

Sunday, February 20 -- SUPER HERO Day -- Each athlete brings his/her super powers to all of our teams.  Let's join the fight for Truth, Justice...and a win at NCA!  Dress up like your favorite Super Hero and show your best ANIMATED performance!

IMG_1623 copy

Monday, February 21 -- NERD Day -- Our athletes are super smart on top of being super talented.  Let's be free to express our inner-nerdy selves!  Photo on the right is my ABSOLUTE fave!!!

              IMG_1632 copy IMG_1635 copy

Tuesday, February 22 -- HAWAII DAY -- Goodbye to the cold...Our CA routines are HOT!!  Let's celebrate LUAU style!!  Uh, taken with Nealy’s  iphone…not the best.  This was the only day I didn’t get a photo with my camera….being a cheer mom is TOUGH work.  

Nealy and Coach Amber…we LOVE her! Nealy and Amber copy

Wednesday, February 23 -- TRUE BLUE Day -- These CAts bleed blue!  Show the true color of a champion by sporting your BLUE.  We made some seriously cute posters for NCA!

IMG_1533 copy

Thursday, February 24 -- CA-LICIOUS Day -- BIG hair brings BIG performance and drama! As we sometimes say, "Love your hair and hope you win!"  Let's be GREAT and GAUDY! Winning at CA is a "shore" thing!  Nealy is a bit “too cool” for her own good so she went with a big bump rather than any other “shorely” outrageous ‘do!….Lovin’ Le Poofy Pony!  Lovin’ her!

      IMG_1658 copy IMG_1655 copy

Friday, February 25 -- CLOWN Day -- CA will be ALL SMILES on Friday.  Get ready for the fun in the circus of team practices inside the CA Big Top!

All SmILeS!!! 

This cheer mom, picked up the new uniform top for NCA…practice was cancelled!!!  Hence, time for the blog entry.  This household is pumped up!  Let’s GO KATZ!  Check out the goods….  

 IMG_1652 copy IMG_1653 copy

IMG_1651 copy

IMG_1647 copy

IMG_1660 copy

      IMG_1662 copy IMG_1663 copy

IMG_1664 copy

IMG_1661 copy

IMG_1671 copy

Backing it up to the Saturday before NCA Theme Week, we had CA day!  This is where all 17 CA teams performed for family and friends at Naaman Forest High School.  It was a entertaining event.  We spent a few days before the event making posters to display and they will also be displayed in the Katz practice room at NCA All-Star Nationals.  Let’s go CA!!!!!

IMG_1566 copy

IMG_1612 copy

IMG_1619 copy

G3FCA2A win BIG at NCA!!


Anonymous said...

Good Luck Nealy and the rest of the Katz. Girl, you go the cheer mom thing down. NCA's aren't just about winning it's also about having fun.

Anonymous said...

Look what i found on the Varsity facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=10150146263716101&set=a.10150146060066101.331253.26713561100&theater

yomaida said...

Thanks Erica!!! We all looked at it!:)
Katz placed 3rd! We were in 1st yesterday!:(
The team that won didn't score as high as we did yesterday...but yesterday was 20% and today was 80%. It was a a big upset. I think the expectations from CA are so high due to their outstanding reputation...but that's just me, a cheer mom! We are extremely proud!

Our Little Bubble said...

how much fun- oh to be a cheer mom! I was a cheerleader back in high school, I remember how much fun it was!! (I highly doubt any of my boys will be cheerleaders :) lol. So this is fun to look at on your blog and reminisce!
btw.. Nealy's nerd pic reminds me of Lordes- Madona's daughter. I saw a mag pic with her in some glasses like that, they look a lot alike- very pretty girls!

Page said...

Oh my! NCA has changed BIG time since I was a cheerleader. I realize I was cheering my heart out years ago, but it was still fun to relive the adventure. While I was in Houston, college cheerleading was on TV. My sister asked me, "I wonder if they are airing Yomaida's daughters competition?" heehee I'm proud of Nealy & their 3rd place. That's a great honor!!!