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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cupid Struck

Our Valentine’s Day was calm and relaxing.  We usually don’t do anything over the top, and this year wasn’t any different.  We had a “honey and me” night on Saturday, and a “Love Lunch” as a family on Sunday (the day before Valentine’s Day).  It was so nice not to have our regularly super-busy weekend and just relax and enjoy each other.  Oh! I did finish my buffet…nothing too grand, but sweet I think.

IMG_1452 copy

Throughout the week I added teensy treats to present to kids on Sunday.  I just stuffed heart shaped baskets with tissue to hold all the goods!  I needed a bit of height (you know for the presentation:), thus the little heart sticks and  I hot glued Kit-Kat mini bars to wooden skewers.  When I was a kid (about Nealy’s age), my mom would give my sister and I make-up as little gifts for V-Day.  So…sure enough, I am following that tradition with my pre-teen! 

IMG_1455 copy

Here are Brayden’s “cool kicks.”  This is REALLY what he calls them.  This was the first day he agreed to actually wear them, so I certainly thought it was photo worthy:)

IMG_1460 copy

on the way to our ‘Love Lunch!”

    IMG_1477 copy IMG_1485 copy

I know!  CRAZY ‘do I have goin’ on!  This photo was it.  Awesome!

IMG_1479 copy

Last, I love me some tulips!  These arrived at work on Monday morning…St. Valentine’s Day!  I LOVE my thoughtful hubby! Photos courtesy of my iphone:).

    tulips 1 tulips too

tulips 3


Our Little Bubble said...

great job on the buffet, and I love the baskets ... now I have some more ideas for next year :)
and aren't honey and me nights the best! I swear my husband and I appreciate them so much more now, than before kids :)

Annie said...

i'm glad ya'll had such a wonderful valentine's day!!! your flowers are so pretty!! all the pictures are super cute!! the one of you and your hubs is adorable! :)
hope you guys had a wonderful weekend!!