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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It’s beginning to look…

a lot like Christmas.  Even if you go in to my laundry room.  Okay, scratch that.  Even if you look at my laundry room door!  What do you think of this jolly ‘ole fella!?!  I knew I had to have him when I saw him.  He came from Pier One Imports.  I believe the shipment to the store was just for me. He is perfect to help me display some of the treasured Christmas and holiday cards we receive.  I had him ready and awaiting!  And look!  My first Christmas card came early last week!  A pleasant surprise was that it was one I made.  Sweet huh?  Since last week, I have received many more, however there is a first for everything and here you see it!

He waited for the first card to arrive ever so patiently.  


 IMG_8115  IMG_8116 

 IMG_8117 IMG_8119

Now that things have settled down just a bit…(a tad bit), I am really making the time to enjoy this “filled with love” season.  The kids are gleeful and the house is all warm and fuzzy with our Christmas decor!  Can’t wait to go go go - full speed ahead once our winter break starts.  My belly is jiggling with a Ho HO Ho!!! Anyway, just wanted to share some of my jolly Santa with you! Cheers!


Anonymous said...

that is super cute.

XO Erica
I was going to ask do you have a button for this blog? i wanted to add it to my blog if you don't mind

Page said...

Aww, excited to hear the card you created for me was your first one! I love the Santa...cute!

rosebud said...

such a cute santa!! and love your laundry sign! I would love my laundry room so much more if it were without a cat box! ;)

Anonymous said...

he is so cute but you need to post a recent pic! so many more festive cards to show off!! love, pia