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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Good Grief!

That’s what I say when a mishap occurs.  BUT, no one says it quite like Charlie Brown himself.  Wow!  The Peanuts are totally my time.  Okay, so maybe they were a wee bit before my time (1950’s).  You’ve gotta give it to Charles M. Schulz for debuting such a sweet little gang with some dry humor and seriously cute characters.  I mean who doesn’t love those simply drawn, yet detailed expressions?  Just timeless and adorable.  So, as cute is this little guy is:


…and of course Linus,


and stinkin’ cute little Pig Pen.


I have to say, I think this little guy is the absolute cutest!

IMG_6725 copy

Aunt Pia surprised him with this book for Thanksgiving! B LOVES LOVES LOVES it.  It’s not a short story but, he sure does listen closely the entire time we are reading it to him.  It’s also interactive with buttons that play tunes and say phrases.  He loves Charlie Brown’s “Good Grief!”  Totally heart that he enjoys reading season/holiday books.  It’s really great quality time together.  Not to mention, the vocabulary building.  The Peanuts do not joke around with the vocab they use.  It’s great! 


 IMG_7773 IMG_7777

..and I bought him this shirt last night for a super sweet deal at Old Navy!  As I shopped today at the Dollar General, (I know what you are thinking…) I found a little talking Charlie Brown.  Oh, I wasn’t Christmas shopping at the Dollar General…just so you know.  :)  Anyway, I may just need to go back and get that little fellow. 

charlie brown tee

I’m just so excited to say that we are going to see the gang!  We are planning another December trip to the Gaylord to see A Charlie Brown Christmas at the annual ICE Exhibit!  It’s going to be another family affair.  We’ve been talking it up to B and Nealy’s way happy to go again.  We can’t wait!  Pia didn’t even know that A Charlie Brown Christmas was the exhibit when she surprised B with the book. It was a little sign!


We’ll make a night of it again and see some really magical Christmas sculptures.  All hand-carved from 2 million pounds of ice!

We can’t wait to REdiscover the TRUE meaning of Christmas – together as a family!



Anonymous said...

so cute!! i think Dallas and I are going to the ice exhibit for his b-day! absolutely HEART charlie brown and the gang!!! love y'all!! pia

Anonymous said...

This post was written well and from the heart. You are very creative. It shows through your photography and what you share. Your family is one of natural beauty. Everyone. By your thoughts and stories posted here, you are sharing the beauty from within. Happy Blogging!