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Thursday, October 7, 2010

a hunting we will go!

A couple of weeks ago we went “hunting” for Cousin Carson and Cousin Dylan’s birthday.  They are our two sweet nephews!  Their birthday is a week a part and so, they had a joined party.  Carson turned 6 and Dylan turned 1! There were different little stations set up…LOTS of CAMOFLAUGE CUTENESS! 

     IMG_4158 copy IMG_4159 copy

IMG_4151 copy

“pin the arrow on the deer”

IMG_4177 copy

some bow hunting…

 IMG_4180 copy

IMG_4182 copy

The weather was SO great! It was cool and there in the sun, I just wanted to cuddle up and sleep:).

IMG_4211 copy


in the deer stand

IMG_4215 copy

IMG_4217 copy

IMG_4223 copy 

He looks like such a PRO!  My cutie.

IMG_4230 copy

There were even gold metals for “accurate shots.”

IMG_4236 copy

IMG_4289 copy 

Aiming…..as his friends cheered him on!

IMG_4288 copy

It was a great day for hunting!  Happy Birthday Carson and Dylan!

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