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Monday, October 11, 2010

Family {Texas State} Fair Fun!

This past Saturday was one full of:


Family, Friends, Fatty Food, Fabulous

Forecast, Fantastic Finds, Frivolous Cash Flow,  Floriformed Fair

Rides, Fain Feelings, Fun, Fotos to last Forever, & Fatigued Feet!  

IMG_4616 copy

           IMG_4610 copy IMG_4614 copy

IMG_4621 copy

Nealy brought her gal pal, Breanna (it’s spelled with the ‘e’).

IMG_4618 copy

IMG_4622 copy

This little boy was ALL ABOUT the fair.  He was very excited, listened well to directions, and SO brave!

IMG_4626 copy 

Yeah, he even shot a little rifle!

  IMG_4635 copy IMG_4642 copy

Winner Winner! Chicken Dinner!

IMG_4651 copy

IMG_4653 copy

     IMG_4655 copy IMG_4654 copy

taking a little break

IMG_4659 copy

I thought this title was perfect to precede our family foto!

IMG_4671 copy

just possibly one of my Favorite Family Fotos!

IMG_4674 copy

He stole my ice-cream…but, I was happy to give it to him (saved me some calories).

   IMG_4695 copy IMG_4691 copy

The girls ate and played games…They might have been a “winner, winner…chicken dinner” but, they were also most CERTAINLY CHICKEN to ride any of the rides!:)

IMG_4698 copy

My little man was SO dang courageous, we couldn’t have been more proud of him.  He had a BLAST riding ride after ride!

IMG_4702 copy

IMG_4704 copy

IMG_4705 copy

IMG_4720 copy

Thumbs Up!

IMG_4723 copy

IMG_4725 copy

Brayden’s ‘got’ cooooool! 

    IMG_4733 copy1 IMG_4738 copy

LOVE this one!

IMG_4753 copy

…poppin’ a wheelie!

IMG_4761 copy

Just adore this girl.  Seriously, I love looking at her when she doesn’t know I am looking. Muah!

IMG_4775 copy

IMG_4766 copy

IMG_4781 copy

B was fascinated with the motorized trains at all the different levels.  This was a way neat ‘greenroom’ building.  The air conditioning in it was a huge hit too!

IMG_4794 copy

IMG_4804 copy

aaah, my two boys…my heart pitter-patters

IMG_4811 copy

IMG_4809 copy

IMG_4828 copy1

You see the big boy’s head on the bottom left? uh huh, EXHAUSTED!

IMG_4843 copy

IMG_4845 copy

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