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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Batty Boo! Bash 2010

Yesterday, Brayden hosted his 3rd annual Halloween Bash!  It was in the morning and the little ones wore their Halloween PJ’s.  They were all snug-as-a-bug in their comfy little duds.  We sure had such a grand time!

IMG_4873 copy

We snacked on mid-morning monster-munchies!

IMG_4886 copy

I have to say, I was a little proud of the evil egg bites.  They were yummy.

IMG_4876 copy

Is he not the cutest little green monster?  Seriously.

IMG_4880 copy

 IMG_4878 copy IMG_4877 copy

IMG_4918 copy

IMG_4916 copy

IMG_4885 copy

IMG_4944 copy  IMG_4942 copy

IMG_4907 copy

Megan and Ella enjoying the munchies!

IMG_4903 copy

IMG_4851 copy

Too Cute Too Spook Halloween Books!  This is a little double sided bookshelf we inherited from Scott’s Pa-paw.  We put it to some good use. 

IMG_4864 copy

Okay, so the book titled “Where is My Mummy?” with the ever too cute mummy on the cover is B’s FAVORITE book.  I swear we’ve read it to him 30 (front to back) times since yesterday after the bash.  Since it’s not mine, we had to order him from Amazon!:)  He LOVES it THAT much!

IMG_4902 copy

Little Reader, precious Avery!

IMG_4912 copy

Jordan came with my bestie, Mandy!  He is Jesse’s cousin!  So neat how it’s a small world.

IMG_4884 copy

Brayden played a little COD.  I know, I know…he started off in a sour mood, but I am so thankful he quickly calmed down and joined his friends.  Sweet Makayla was a gem to get him to play!:)  Aren’t they adorable in their matching pj’s?

IMG_4889 copy


IMG_4890 copy

  IMG_4897 copy IMG_4898 copy

The girls, Molly, Mia, & Melanie

IMG_4904 copy

my girl:)

IMG_4901 copy

IMG_4936 copy

two of the daddies

IMG_4909 copy

We decorated PUMPKINS and PLAYED!

IMG_4920 copy

twin trouble ;-)

IMG_4934 copy

Cousin Carson’s pumpkin creation

IMG_4923 copy

Great Job Avery!

IMG_4925 copy

Makayla is proud!

IMG_4938 copy

Sophia and mommy decorating away…

IMG_4921 copy

so cute Ella and Jordan…(Jordan thought his pumpkin lips looked like the Dairy Queen sign….ha-ha)

IMG_4928 copy 

Fun little details  (It was so hard to cut through that green little friend).

bash 1

The colorful-skull streamer, I bought at Target.  I just hot-glued Happy Halloween to the back of it and copied the skull in white to separate the words. Pretty simple.

bash 2

Happy Haunting Party Favors

IMG_4857 copy

Adios, to some of our gal pals.

 IMG_4948 copy  IMG_4949 copy

Thanks to my hubby, mom, and sis for helping prepare for such a spook-tacular batty bash (for B and his friends)!  I couldn’t have done it without them.  Thanks to all our friends who joined the fun and made it such a successful pajama party time.  Happy Halloween!

Brayden’s Pumpkin Person….darling!



Mommy, Daddy, Baby Girl, and Baby Boy said...

It looks like a bunch of fun! Great job!

Mommy, Daddy, Baby Girl, and Baby Boy said...
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Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing! the pics are great and all the little kiddos were adorable! this was a great representation of the morning! awesome job!! love, pia

Anonymous said...

where do you find the time? Everything is so cute and detailed.