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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Thankful, Thoughtful-Thursday

Last week Nealy and I came home to pick up my mom and B.  We all went to a yummy seafood dinner at Flying Fish.  We then, enjoyed the beautiful outdoors at the park.  We couldn’t have picked a better day to go.

My mom has been keeping B at our house.  I wanted to treat my mom to dinner since she has been helping us a great deal.  She has moved in for the next 5 weeks!  Gran has been under the weather (B misses her so much) so, Nana has stepped in.  Now that Brayden stays home all day, I wanted to get him out too.  I figured he would love visiting the park and playing in the nice weather. He really DID!  He played with other little tots just his size. 

Scott had practice so he wasn’t able to go (we missed daddee) but, I sure did send him several picture/texts!  Anyway, we are SO thankful & blessed to have Nana.  We know she enjoyed our afternoon and explained we were thoughtful to have treated her!  ….great Thursday!

IMG_0578 copy 

He ate an ENTIRE catfish fillet!

    IMG_0587 copy  IMG_0591 copy

IMG_0611 copy

IMG_0584 copy

IMG_0597 copy

AAH!  Candid and CUTE!

   IMG_0615 copy   IMG_0618 copy

IMG_0616 copy

IMG_0627 copy


   IMG_0641 copy  IMG_0643 copy

IMG_0650 copy

   IMG_0678 copy  IMG_0679 copy

Got a few in mid-air…LOVE me, an energetic little boy!

IMG_0680 copy

IMG_0681 copy

Looks can be deceiving…ha!  She IS a sweet girl, (and I just LOVE the coloring of this photo).

IMG_0663 copy


IMG_0675 copy

IMG_0682 copy

my two babies:)

IMG_0696 copy

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