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Monday, April 19, 2010

who you gonna call?…

This is NO joke!  My little guy and I hunted ghosts for a good….Oh, let me say, 45 minutes.  It was nothing but, thrilling, and super super funny!  Prior to the 45 minutes of the actual hunting, I sat in my closet making ghost sounds of many favored characters like: (Thomas the Train Engine, Max, Ruby, Toothless, Hiccup, Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee, and SO many more) for about 10 minutes.  What do these ghost sounds sound like?  Um, well, I’m not so sure.  All I know, is that Brayden was getting a kick out of the “whoooos” and “ooooohs” I was belting out.  I must say, one can only vary the level and pitch of sounds to a certain degree.  Ha!  Here’s how the game began:

B - “Mommee, should we go hunting for ghosts?” (in a very serious, and softer voice than usual)

Me - “Okay. Let’s go!” (echoing the same serious voice B had….not sure how this was going to take place.  I just followed his lead)

B - “Fah-woah me Mommee." (we make a quick stop in my bedroom, coming out of the closet/bathroom area) “We put on our ghost gWasses?”

Me - “um, sure! Let me get them.” (thinking fast…I look in my jewelry drawer only to find my cat glasses I wore on 50’s day…these will have to do).  “Here we go!  I found the ghost hunting glasses” (trying to sound convincing, I put them on and give my best smile..but, remember quickly that I better look serious).

B - “My turn. My turn.” (he puts on the glasses independently, I help straighten them out…and we’re off).

I guess we were keeping the ghosts out of the house because he wanted to look out of every window (well, many windows) to see if they were coming.


Isn’t he so funny?  He’s the cutest ghost hunter I’ve ever seen! That’s for sure!


I laugh thinking about how serious he was.  I TOTALLY enjoyed this afternoon.  I was seriously energized and happy after THE hunt!



I convinced him to check out under his bed. Just to be safe.  I couldn’t capture all the fun because I was way too busy having fun myself.  BUT, I think it gives you a little insight to our fab ghost hunting afternoon!



Although, I certainly think the cat glasses are hip, I think they hide how handsome this little ghost hunter….er, Ghost Buster?…truly is!



Team Carroll said...

TOO cute, Yomaida!! I can just hear you guys right now!! HA!!! I love that you were just as serious as he was!! Adorable!

Page said...

I'm glad to see the pictures from your fun afternoon. It sounded hilarious when you told me all about it...funny Brayden! He's the cutest ghost buster I've seen.... :-)

Anonymous said...

oh goodness! brayden is too adorable in those cat glasses! he was definately serious about hunting those ghosts! love, pia!