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Saturday, April 17, 2010

a year older, feeling years younger

My birthday was at the beginning of the month.  April 1st to be exact. Yeah, good ‘ole April FOOL’S DAY!  I will say, I remember hating that my birthday was on April Fool’s. I always got fooled, or at least the effort was made by many.  It didn’t really matter whether I was fooled or not.  I guess it was just annoying either way. Now, OLDER, I guess I sorta like it bc many remember my birthday for that reason. AND I absolutely LOVE that my adorable kindergarten students try and fool me (every year).  I play along and it is SO hilarious. :)  Anyway, It’s no secret I love birthdays.  I like to celebrate them and I just think they’re fun and neat regardless of what I do on this day.  Birthdays are special. Plain.and.simple! 

At my birthday dinner we had several “yummy to the tummy” margaritas and great conversation.  Scott surprised me with my 3 besties…(my sis, my bestie Mandy, and her little sister Megan).  I LOVE when the four of us get together because we make each other laugh until we cry reminiscing of when we were younger.  This is what makes me feel young and full of energy.  I HEART these girls!  We grew up together living right down the street from each other. We’ve been besties for 24 years! Wow!

IMG_0103 copy

My hon!  He surprised me with some serious goodies.  I LOVE YOU, and thank you!

IMG_0084 copy

My sis brought Dallas.  Glad to see him.:)

IMG_0080 copy

Mandy and Megan

IMG_0081 copy

It was a great evening!…great 36th BIRTHDAY evening!                                                        


Mommy, Daddy, Baby Girl, and Baby Boy said...

Happy Birthday!

Team Carroll said...

Yay!! Happy {belated} birthday! Looks like it was a great one! And you know, I LOVE that vest!!!!