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Sunday, April 11, 2010

EASTER – 2010

Easter Weekend was very memorable.  We dyed eggs, the kids received their Easter Bunny Goodies…(Nealy received hers a 2 days early b/c she spent Easter with her dad), and enjoyed each other over the long weekend.  Nealy has certainly outgrown some of the Easter Traditions but, don’t get me wrong, she still likes for the Easter Bunny Momma AKA: me, to give her a little something!  She picked out this super cute iPod case….very chic!


IMG_9950 copy

IMG_9952 copy  Brayden woke up Sunday morning and we made such a big fuss about the Easter Bunny leaving him some treats at the door.  He was VERY excited!  He didn’t want to stop and pose so, what you see is what you get.  He was thrilled with his goodies and the morning started off our Easter day perfectly!

IMG_0113 copy

IMG_0114 copy

We had dinner at Scott’s parents.  It’s so nice to get together with family and see Brayden and his Cousin Carson play and interact.  They are pretty cute together.

IMG_0118 copy

IMG_0125 copy

IMG_0133 copy

IMG_0135 copy

IMG_0130 copy

egg hunting & lawn mowing…(the Easter Bunny at Gran and Grandad’s gave B a lawn mover…just one of the MANY gifts).  He LOVED them all!

IMG_0139 copy

       IMG_0151 copy IMG_0154 copy

                           IMG_0158 copy

IMG_0156 copy

There was some sandbox playing time too!  Grandad built a new sandbox just for the grandchildren. It’s grand!

IMG_0170 copy

IMG_0173 copy

IMG_0177 copy

IMG_0181 copy

These next two are just some views from my in-laws back yard.  It’s so peaceful.  This is why we will live area that is not so congested with houses, rather have trees and a little ‘earth’ around us….someday.

IMG_0203 copy

IMG_0182 copy

sweet Baby Dylan.  He’s 6 months old!

IMG_0210 copy

We even had bubble time.  The weather was perfect for the fun outdoor activities. 

        IMG_0215 copy   IMG_0224 copy

Cracking eggs on each other was hysterical.  I steered clear but, you can see Nealy made it home just in time for messy-bright chaos!  I was SO happy she was able to take part in the fun.

        IMG_0229 copy   IMG_0230 copy

IMG_0231 copy 


          IMG_0235 copy  IMG_0236 copy

Time to get daddee!  B’s expressions are priceless!

IMG_0241 copy

IMG_0242 copy

IMG_0243 copy The fun continues…  

IMG_0261 copy

IMG_0265 copy IMG_0282 copy

A very sweet way to end our Easter 2010!

IMG_0278 copy

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Anonymous said...

great pics!!! i love the expressions on nealy, brayden, carson and dylan's faces!!! love, p!